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Self-publishing - Get Your Book Into Bookstores


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Self-Publishing: Getting You Book into the Bookstores



You’ve finished writing your book. Now what? As “traditional” publishing opportunities are becoming more restrictive, many authors are considering self-publishing as an alternative method of bringing their work into the mainstream. Independently published authors have much more control over the success and profitability of their books. But there are many steps that must be followed to maximize this success. This seminar focuses on those steps and the chronology for implementing them. You will learn the process “soup-to-nuts” – the actual production of the book; getting reviews; being stocked (and not just carried) by bookstores; setting up media appearances, book signings and tours, and much more. Going it alone doesn’t have to be a daunting task; in fact, with the proper knowledge, your publishing venture can be smooth and profitable.


Andrew K. Stone is the independently published author of two novels, ALL FLOWERS DIE and DISAPPEARING INTO VIEW. After selling his first book through his web site, Stone realized the importance of getting his novel carried and stocked by stores. He procured distribution deals and All Flowers Die was on the shelves in Barnes and Nobles, Borders and independent bookstores across the country and Canada. The book went on to be favorably reviewed in daily and weekly papers, Stone made numerous TV and radio (including National NPR) appearances and toured the US and Canada. By the time he released his second novel, All Flowers Die was in its third printing, book sales were in the thousands and Stone’s publishing venture was profitable.


In this seminar, Stone walks you through all the steps to bring your book from manuscript form to the bookshelves. You’ll come away with the comprehensive knowledge to be a successful published author.


The seminar will be held on Saturday, December 6 from 12-3 pm in NW DC. The cost is $150.00, $75.00 for students or $100.00 per person (for groups of 2 or more). Includes handouts of valuable resources. Space is limited, so please reserve today by emailing info@sotherebooks.com.

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