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Guest satadru

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Guest satadru

Dear Friends,




I have always tried to forward you Project which seems to be genuine and majority of them has clicked for you. For some reasons I cannot put the company's name on board.








A Division of ***** is outsourcing a very small volume of Scanning Job from its own Office in Bangalore under there OWN BANNER, i.e Work Order is directly on the Company's Letter Head and is signed by the Business Development Manager and Administrative Officer of the Company. You are free to check the genuinity of the Work Order from any Level / Source in *****. The job is not from any IT division of *****, so don't bring questions like "Why is ***** not doing it itself , blah...blah" All questions will be answered by people from ***** sitting at their office. Great offer isnt it ?




Every Good thing has a bad part too. ***** is only looking for ONLY THREE VENDORS to do this job, and everything should be completed by Tuesday next i.e 15th December. So please HURRY in your Decision.








1. Confirm Project with me on my Mobile No. 09339856629


2. Sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with us.


3. Send me Return Tickets from Kolkata to Bangalore for *****and ******. You can book the tickets from your Travel agency and give me the PNR too.


4. Reach Bangalore by ******Morning. There is a Consultancy of Rs 18lakhs involved ( NO JOKE). Show proof that you have that ready with you. (DD in our company's name or CASH. Please...please don't request for Cheques, not even any "At Par" business)


5. Seat directly at the Company and Register your Company as an official Vendor of *****


6. Sign Non Disclosure Agreement with *****.


7. Sign Document Security Bond with *****.


8. Receive Work Order From *****.


9 Verify Work Order


10. Hand Over our Consultancy


11. Take Project Implementation Training from ***** if needed.


12. Start work from suitably agreed date




Pls find attached as well as below a project Analysis with profitability structure.




Sub: ***** Project (Projected Analysis)for INDIVIDUAL VENDOR




Project (*****)

18 lacs Consultancy











At the time of signing the contract & receiving Work Order from *****

18 lacs vide DD or Cash. No cheques


Nature of work

Scanning of Company's own official documents




Time duration of work

15 months mentioned in Work Order









Image per month for first 2 month



50000 impressions


After 2 months for next 13 months

100000 to 120000 impressions per month







A4 images




Rate given by *****

Rs. 5 per Image


D.D of Rs. 18,00,000/- (Eighteen Lacs only) in the name of XXXXXXXXXXX Pvt. Ltd payable at XXXXXXX at the time of signing Non Disclosure Agreement with ***** at ***** Office in Bangalore and receiving the Work Order.


Implementation Cost Of Project




Trainee 20 (20 @ 3000)





Senior Executive 4 (4 @ 4000)





QC (2 @3500)



NA (1 @ 5000)



2 Guards



2 Peon



Total expense for one month on Employee








Total income

75,00,000/- appx


Total Consultancy



Total Expense

12,00,000/- appx


Net profit

45,00,000/- appx



Capital Investment will be additional Rs 5 to Rs 7 lacs on Scanners, Computers and Infrastructure












Dear Sir / Madam,


An ISO 9000, Limited Corporate house from Kolkata, working in the field of Data Processing and Software Development for the last 27 years is looking for associates to join hands with them and work on in-house projects. The company currently runs 4 offices in Kolkata, 3 in other cities of India and 2 foreign offices and has a setup of more than 250 seats in Kolkata alone.


The Company now requires experienced partners to help them in their on going projects on Data Conversion. Total Training, Infrastructure and Supervision will be given by the company. You would only be required to put up the machines on the company premise, recruit people and run the show. People interested to work on terms and conditions mentioned below may please contact Mr SATADRU GHOSAL ON 09339856629 and fix up an appointment with the company.


Terms and conditions applicable to vendor resources for in-house execution of data/text conversion projects:


1. You will be allowed to put up 15 computers for a period of 3 months for a test of your capabilities to understand and execute text/data conversion projects under our supervision in our premises.


2. Volume of data/text conversion to you will be limited to a maximum of 50,000 pages per month during this period.


3. The nature/type of data/text conversion projects may vary from time to time depending on the availability of such projects with XXXXXX.


4. The performance of your resources will be evaluated continuously during this period. At any point of time during this period, if found suitable, you may be offered to start the normal production schedule.


5. Depending on your evaluation during this period you will be offered a certain maximum data volume per month, which may be increased further depending on your production quality and also on XXXXXX's end client requirement.


6. Continuation of the project and regular supply of input data for conversion depends on the continuation of the project by XXXXXX's end client and also on the availability of input data fro the end client.


7. If your performance is found unsuitable at the end of the 3-month period, your services will be discontinued.


8. XXXXXX will provide adequate air-conditioned space with electricity, one shared local telephone UPS support for computers, LAN and one shared line printer to your production team.


9. You will have to arrange your own production team, computers, laser printer and printer consumables for executing the project.


10. The data/text conversion projects will be executed under XXXXXX supervisory support and training during this period.


11. You are free to use the setup for upto 2 shifts per day as per XXXXXX shift schedules.


12. The production process to be used by your resources must strictly adhere to the quality control norms defined by XXXXXX as received and approved by their end client.


13. The specifications, quality control norms and production methodology are controlled by XXXXXX's end client and may change from time to time as and when there is a corresponding change by XXXXXX's end client.


14. If there is any re-work necessary in the delivered output because of a change in the specification by XXXXXX's end client, and if XXXXXX has agreed to re-work the same, you will also be required to rework the corresponding output as per the new requirement. If XXXXXX agrees to do this re-work at a charge or free of cost, the same agreement will be applicable to you also.


15. You are required to deposit charges towards XXXXXX expenses to run this period in advance before starting this period.


16. You will be paid @ Rs. 8.20 per 1000 characters of converted output data, which is acceptable by XXXXXX as per quality norms and tests.


17. If found suitable and selected for regular production, you will be offered a higher rate upto a maximum of Rs. X.XX per 1000 characters of converted output data. The actual determination of regular production rate will depend on the your performance during this period.


18. Continuation of this project depends entirely on the continuation of the same by XXXXXX's end client.








OUR FINANCIAL TERMS: Rs. 5 Lakh on workorder handover.

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Guest Aditya Belwal

Would we get any bank security for the money which will be given to u, and after that we are nt getin paid for our work.


ANd also would require a copy of ur passport before we go ahead.




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