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Qc Software For Data Conversion Project


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Dear Sir,


Recently we have developed QC software (as your necessary) for BPO Data Conversion project. It is most important for that person who wants to ensure his payment. Because most of BPO house is chitter company. For any reason they wanted do not give any payment to the person. The time of payment they say that you not full fill the accuracy label so you not take any payment. 99% job seeker is attending this point. You losses time, money etc. etc. You not cover your dream.


So I say, you use my software & ensure your value of time and also money.


This product is three parts.

1. Image matching or Spell Checker

2. Formatting matching

3. Report Generation.


At first my software cheeks your word file with image file. If you mistake any character, word, line & paragraph -- the software will tell to you check unless you not correct the data. 100% character will be match with your image file. Then we go checking the formatting (which BPO house provided). There are so many rules. At first we mention our rules. Then my software runs with your word file. Where you mistake the rules automatically it will be update. And 100% formatting or rules which are providing by BPO House will be correct.


In this time we ensure your job is 100% correct & you gate 100% payment.


So friends -- not waist your time & money. If you want to see the demo with your imaging & word file (all ready which you completed) -- we will give demo. So, no hesitated. See. And Take decision.



If any person wants to business with this software, they also contract with us.


Thanking to all


With regards


Sandip Chowdhury





Cell :: 0- 9433105698

PH :: (033) - 25491508


Email :: binarycom@rediffmail.com



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