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Tips for Decorating Kids’ Bedrooms


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Decorating kids’ rooms can either be really fun, or really difficult depending on the style preferences of the children. If the children are younger, the style of their bedroom décor will obviously need to change as they grow, so if you are looking to save as much money as possible when decorating your kids’ rooms, the first place to start is furniture. Choosing furniture that can grow with the child and that can also be modernized with a few simple features like bedding or other décor is the best way to save the most money on a kids’ bedroom makeover. Make sure the furniture is good quality so it will last a long time, and the color of the furniture should also be carefully considered so it will not seem too young for older children. Once the perfect furniture is found, the decorating on a budget can begin!

Perfect paint colors

First things first, do not take your kids to the paint store with you…you will be there for hours and never agree on a color. Instead, get an idea of colors they are interested in and pick up a few samples on your own that they can choose from. Real Simple suggests that the paint color of a bedroom should be soothing, cheerful and distinctive. Believe it or not, paint color has a lot to do with how well children fall asleep, play together and relax in a room.

Unique ways to display pictures

A child’s bedroom should reflect who they are, so be creative with the décor and make sure you are taking their personalities into account. Hang their artwork in frames on the wall so they can forever relish in their masterpieces. If you do not want to put holes in the wall, string wire from one wall to another and use clothes pins to hang artwork that way. You can also use acrylic frames to display artwork, making it easy for the pictures to be changed in and out. Another trend we are seeing is creative ways to hang pictures of the children in their rooms. Family pictures in a bedroom are great ways to make children feel surrounded by those who love them.

Décor to encourage creativity

A child’s bedroom is no place for a television. Nothing drains creativity and inspiration more than TV, so do not put one in your child’s room. Instead open the doors to creativity by painting a wall with chalkboard paint so they can make masterpieces on the wall without the fear getting in trouble. Use unique furniture like lockers to give a room character, and make cleaning the room more fun. Create a warm reading nook in a corner of the bedroom with a beanbag chair or a stack of pillows next to a bookshelf full of books that children can read and discover when they need a little down time. A bedroom should be a place of learning and discovery for your children.

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