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VisArts Rockville and Dinner at La Tasca April 6th at 3 PM


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VisArts 3 Galleries, Dinner of Tapas, And Sangria

Tickets are $46 dollars. Covers your food and hostest with the mostest. Follow this link to purchase ticket


Starting at the Common Ground Gallery we will see

Xiaosheng Bi Garden of My Mind

Local Artists and VisArts Resident Artist Xiaosheng Bi’s will be showing his recent series of vessels that balance complex detail, and simple, elegant forms. The artists melds traditional Chinese influences with contemporary styles using bone china porcelain, abstract strokes, and Chinese cultural motifs.

Than we will walk to the next floor to view

Craig Kraft: Markings Graffiti from the Ground Zero Blues Club Series

This is exhibit will feature a new series of work inspired by years of unrelated, overlapping graffiti on the walls of Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale Mississippi. The entire club is covered including, for example, lampshades, all of the woodwork, the felt on the pool table, and each slat on the window blinds. The years of overlapping graffiti tell stories of love, hate, exuberance and joy. Each mark is subject to an overlapping mark, until the messages become blurred and confused, only until someone makes an even bolder, broader mark, hiding the history below.

Following this up with

Abstraction: Finding The Thread

Group exhibition of seven critically acclaimed painters committed to abstract painting. eschewing the depiction of realistic imagery, all have found continual fascination with abstraction as the thread to infinite possibilities. Their paintings tie the formal arrangement of the basic elements of art to a vast array of social, intellectual, emotional and perceptual influences. The results are exquisite individual paintings that are resounding visual experiences. Featuring: Timothy App, Dan Dudrow, Dennis Farber, Carol Miller Frost, Bill Schmidt, Jo Smail, and Michael Weiss.

Afterwards we will walk down the street to La Tasca. for Dinner and Sangria

You have a delicious choice of meat, seafood, and vegitarian tapas, and Sangria.

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