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take 7 dates in the morning

It was very weird that western physicians who treat their patients by fasting advise them by taking the natural sugar in fruits and water when breaking the fast . And when we know that dates contain a high ratio of such easily-absorbed sugar then dates and water are the best nutriments for fasters.

Here we remember the Hadith of our prophet (PBUH): (When any of you breaks his fasting he should eat dates cause dates are blessing, if he didn't find dates then drink water cause water is purifying) [Narrated by Abo Dawood] . Here we see that the prophet (PBUH) showed us the principles of effective fasting, by eating dates and drinking water at breakfast centuries before Westerns.


An Ideal Nutriment for Fasters


The prophetic wisdom out of having Dates for breakfast might be reduce the hunger and consequently, reduce the amounts of food consumed; therefore the fasting will be effective and useful. And if we remember that fasting consider the best weapon to excise toxics out of the body, then having dates (toxin-resistive) when you break your fast represent a real integrated treatment against weakness and fatigue resulted from the accumulation of toxic chemicals and heavy metals in the cells of the body.


if you are feeling weak, don't hesitate to take 7 dates in the morning as the prophet (PBUH) recommended. those Seven dates weigh around 70 gm, so if you take them, then you actually took 70 milligrams of calcium-which is very useful for the bones, joints and nerves, 35 milligrams of phosphorus which is nutritious to the brain and 7 milligrams of iron which is strengthens the body in general and the heart in particular.


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Prophet's Birthday

Sunni Muslims observe the Prophet Muhammed's ) birthday on the 12th day of the Islamic month of Rabi' al-awwal,

The Prophet Muhammed was born in Mecca, a city in Saudi Arabia that .


What do people do?



Mawlid, or Milad, is celebrated with large street parades in some countries. Homes and mosques are also decorated. Some people donate food and other goods for charity on or around this day. Others listen to their children read out poems about events that occurred in the Prophet Muhammed's life. Mawlid is celebrated in this way in many communities across the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia.


However, many Muslims also do not participate in celebrations on this day. Instead, they may mark the occasion by spending more time to read the Koran. Muhammed is said to have been born on a Monday and some scholars see fasting during the hours of daylight on Mondays as another way to celebrate his birth.


Ruling on Celebrating the Prophet's Birthday

Celebrating the occasion of the birthday of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, is forbidden and is to be rejected for a number of reasons:

It is not part of the sunnah of the Messenger, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, or of the Caliphs who succeeded him. Since this is the case, then it is a forbidden innovation, because the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said, "I urge you to follow my sunnah and the way of the rightly-guided Caliphs after me; adhere to it and cling to it firmly. Beware of newly-invented things, for every newly-invented thing is an innovation (bid'ah) and every innovation is a going-astray."[Narrated by Ahmad, 4/126; at-Tirmidhi no. 2676]

Celebrating the mawlid is an innovation introduced after the three best centuries in order to corrupt the religion of the Muslims. If a person does anything in order to draw closer to Allah which was not done by the Messenger, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, or enjoined by him, and was not done by the Caliphs who succeeded him, this action implies that he is accusing the Messenger of not explaining the religion to the people, and that he disbelieves in the words of Allah (interpretation of the meaning), "This day, I have perfected your religion for you." [Al-Qur'an 5:3] Because he is adding something extra and claiming that it is a part of the religion, but the Messenger, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, did not bring this.



Besides being bid'ah and an imitation of the Christians, both of which are haram, celebrating the birthday of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, is also a means that leads to exaggeration and excess in venerating him, which even goes as far as calling upon him (making du'a' to him) and seeking his help, instead of calling upon Allah, as happens now among many of those who observe the bid'ah of the mawlid, when they call upon the Messenger instead of Allah, and ask him for support, and sing qasidah (odes) of shirk praising him, like Qasidat al-Burdahetc.


What happened before and after the birth day of Prophet

peace and blessings of Allah be upon him


Some men of the city of Makka went on a trip to Syria. On the way they met a monk. Four of these Makkis decided to stop for a while to talk with the monk.


In those days monks lived in places where there were very few people so that they could have quite to worship Allah. They also were people who read books and knew many stories. Only a few Makkis knew about reading. All they knew about was trade and enjoying themselves. They knew they would hear interesting and entertaining stories from the monk.


After talking for a while the monk asked the men, " where are you from ?"


They answered, " we are from Makka.",


The monk then told them, " Allah will send a prophet to Makka soon."


The four men continued on their journey thinking about the things the monk had said. Each of them wished that the new prophet would be his own son.


Abdulmuttalib was asleep in Kaaba. He had a strange dream. He saw a tree growing until it reached the sky. The tree had branches that spread to the East and the West. It appeared that a very bright light was shining on the tree. Abdulmutalib saw the Arabs and the non-Arabs bow to the tree. The tree continued growing larger, higher, and brighter. Then he saw some people from Quraysh holding to the branches of the tree, while other Qurayshis tried to chop down the tree. A very handsome youth stopped them from chopping down the tree. Abdulmuttalib saw himself put his hand out to grab the tree, but he could not reach it. He woke up from his sleep frightened.


Abdulmuttalib sat thinking of the dream and what it meant, but he could not find an explanation for it. The next morning he went to the priestess of the Quraysh to ask her to explain the dream. The Arabs always asked the priest or priestess for the explanation of dreams.


When the priestess saw Abdulmuttalib, she saw sign of worry on his face, so she asked, "why do you look so worried:"


Abdulmuttalib answered, " I had a dream that frightened me." Then he told her all about the dream.


When he finished, she said, "if your dream ever comes true, then one of your sons will control the East and the West. All the people will follow him."


Abdulmuttalib was pleased with what the priestess had told him. Later when he met his son Abu Talib he told him about the dream and what priestess had said. Then he said to his son, Abu Talib, " I hope you are the one the priestess meant in her explanation."


But the intended one was not Abu Talib. The one the priestess mean was the yet unborn grandson of Abdulmuttalib. Abdulmuttalib had grandson named Abdullah who was married to Amina, daughter of Wahb. Amina was expecting a baby. Before the baby was born, Abdullah had gone on a trading trip. He became ill on the trip and had died. Abdullah never saw his son.


During her pregnancy, Amina felt no pain or discomfort. She had always heard women complaining about the hardships of pregnancy, but she felt very well. During these months Amina had many dreams. One night in a dream she saw a light coming out of her. The light was shining on castles of Syria.


Another night she heard a voice in her dream. The voice said, "Amina, you are carrying the greatest man in the world. When you give birth, give him the name, Muhammad and tell no one about this dream."


Amina woke up and looked around but there was no one in the room. She tried to go to sleep again but she was still thinking about what she had heard in the dream.


It was time for Amina's baby to be born. She gave birth to a beautiful, clean baby boy. Since the boy's father had died months earlier, Amina sent the news to her son's grandfather, Abdulmuttalib. Abdulmuttalib was sitting in the Kaaba when the news came. He was delighted. He went to Amina and carried the boy happily to the Kaaba. When he brought the baby back to her, he said, " I have named him Quthm."


Abdulmuttalib had a boy named Quthm but he had died when he was nine years old. That made Abdulmuttalib very sad. So when Amina gave birth to a boy, Abdulmuttalib wanted to name him after the dead boy.


Amina had to tell him, " I was ordered in a dream to call him Muhammad." Abdulmuttalib picked up the baby, kissed him and said, " I hope that my grandson, Muhammad, will be a great man."


On the seventh day after Mohammed's birth, Abdulmuttalib ordered animals to be slaughtered and asked the people of Makka to come to a feast. After everyone had eaten, Abdulmuttalib brought out his grandson, Muhammad, to show the people. Everyone said that he was such a beautiful baby. The people also felt sad for the baby because he was an orphan. His father had died before seeing him.


One of the men asked Abdulmuttalib, " What did you name him?" Abdulmuttalib answered , " I have named Muhammad."


Another man asked in surprise, "why did you name him Muhammad? No one in your family or people was ever named Muhammad."


Abdulmuttalib did not want to reveal that Amina was asked in a dream to name him Muhammad, so he said, " I wanted Allah to praise him in Heaven and I wanted people to praise him on Earth."


When the visitors left, not one of them realized that this orphan baby was the one chosen to lead them from darkness to light. They did not know he was the answer to Ibrahim's prayer the day Ibrahim was ordered to build the Kaaba:


"Our Lord, send unto them a messenger from among themselves to show them your signs, to teach them the Qur'an and wisdom, and to purify them. You are All-Mighty and All-Wise." (The Qur'an Al-Baqara 128)


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1. take 7 dates in the morning

Dates are one of the most nourishing fruits and It's called sometimes "Bread of Desert", More than two third of dates' weight is natural sugar. This fruit was highly esteemed by the ancient civilizations more than 5000 years ago; ancient Egyptians considered dates as a symbol of fertility, while the Romans and the Greeks used it to ornament their stately triumph pageants [1]. Today, dates are widely-grown in the Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Spain, Italy and the United States. There are more than 600 varieties of dates [2].

Next, we are going to explore the usefulness of dates to humans throughout the different stages of their lives.

Allah Almighty mentioned Palm trees many times in the Quraan, and made it the food of the dwellers of Paradise, So what are the secrets of this great nutriment? Is it possible to think of using dates as remedy for some diseases? What do scientists of today say about dates?


Dates and the Prebirth period


Dates stimulate the uterus by regulating And brisking it's contractions which facilitate delivery. The uterus is a relatively large muscular organ and it urgently requires an adequate supply of natural sugar during labor and delivery. Being laxative, dates are essential for pregnant women before delivery in order to purge the colon and intestine and to facilitate delivery. The miraculousness of the Quranic verse shows evidently as Allah tells Mary: (And shake the trunk of the palm tree towards thee - thou wilt cause ripe dates to fall upon thee) [Mariam - 25]

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Nutriment and medicine for children


Dates contain natural sugar which is easily absorbed and digested, thus, it is safe and comforting for children's stomach and intestine. And the dates juice is useful especially if we mix it with Milk to become very nourishing and restorative drink for children and adults. Dates and honey paste is used for the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery in children but it should be taken three times a day.


This paste also comforts and hardening the gums during teething and facilitates the process.


It is advisable to purchase the good varieties of dates and to wash them thoroughly before use especially when used as food or remedy for children. Here, we should mention the prophetic tradition of (Al Tahneek); rubbing the newborn's mouth with a well-chewed date and feeding him with it. Science has proved that giving the newborn some sugar dissolved in water provides the child with the necessary nutrition and improves their immunity against diseases.


And when we know that sugar in dates is the most easily absorbed and digested type of sugar so it will be suitable nutriment for newborns but the dates should be well-chewed or soaked in water to be easy for the newborn to take. This proves that the great prophet (PBUH) preceded today's doctors to this type of nutrition. It's no wonder that he preceded them as he is the messenger of their God.


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An effective treatment for constipation


Dates can be used in the treatment of intestinal disturbances and it also helps the intestine perform their function effectively, and helps establishing a colony of friendly bacteria in the intestines. Dates are also highly beneficial in the treatment of constipation as the roughage provided by it stimulates sluggish bowels. They should be immersed in water at night and taken after making them into fine syrup the next morning to secure laxative effect [3].


A Remedy for Sexual Debility


Date syrup can be used as a treatment for weak heart. It can also be use for the treatment of sexual weakness. When it's mixed with milk and honey, dates can be used as a tonic for the treatment of sexual disturbances for both sexes, And such syrup strengthens the body and raises its energy levels. The elderly would benefit from this syrup too. It improves their stamina and purges their bodies from the toxins that have accumulated in their cells along the years.



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A Treatment for Obesity

The wide variety of nutritious elements in dates makes it hunger-resistive! And when we know that the cause behind Obesity is a persisting feeling of hunger and an appetite for food which drives a person to consume larger amounts of fats and sugar when he eat his meal. So treatment by eating few dates when feeling hungry helps reduce hunger and be filled. These dates will provide the body with the necessary sugar and stimulate the intestine which reduce hunger greatly, and eventually, reduce food consumption. The miraculousness of the prophet's saying shows as he said: (A household that has dates doesn't feel hunger) [narrated by Muslim]. We can conclude that dates can be used to treat Obesity!.



A Remedy for Lever and Inflammations

Dates remedy Lever and purge it from toxins, Breaking the fast with dates, is one of the most magnificent of natural remedies for the maintenance and purging the Lever from accumulated toxins. And also drinking dates juice could be used in the treatment of sore throat, various types of fever, rhinorrhia and common cold [5].



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Dates are an excellent remedy for alcoholic intoxication. In such a case, drinking water in which fresh dates have been rubbed or soaked will bring quick relief . Here we'd like to mention one of the prophet's (PBUH) Hadith in which he referred to dates as a remedy for intoxication. Prophet (PBUH) said: (Who eats 7 pressed dates in the morning, will not be inflected with witchcraft or poisoning that day) [Narrated by Abu Dawood]. If we deeply study the medical implications of the Hadith, we realize its miraculousness:

1 - The prophet (PBUH) used the number 7. This number has significance in the universe, the Quran and the prophetic tradition. It's enough to know that the first number mentioned in the Quran was Number 7.

2 - Seven dates weigh approximately 100 grams which provides a sufficient intake of a wide variety of minerals, salts and vitamins for the body.

3 - This amount is sufficient to purge the body from the accumulated toxins in the cells; like heavy metals, lead as an example. The accumulation of toxins has increased nowadays due to widespread water, air and food pollution.

4 - The Hadith implicitly referred to the toxins entering the body as (Poison). He also indicated that eating dates reduces the dangers such toxins impose the body to.

5 - As for the word (Witchcraft); only God knows what was meant with it.

6 - The Hadith doesn't imply that taking poison after eating seven dates would be completely harmless, In fact, doing this deliberately is considered as harming one's self on purpose and this is forbidden in Islam. But we have to undersand that Hadith means that eating seven dates each morning reduces the harmful effects of toxicants. In order to make the process more effective, regularity with eating seven dates in the morning should be maintained. As our Prophet (PBUH) asked us to do.

And we should understand from the Hadith that eating dates everyday regularly And in order will effect our psychological state and make it more stable, God only know the truth.




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Narrated By Abu Huraira: The Prophet said,
"There is no disease that Allah has created,
except that He also has created its
treatment. "

Sahih al-Bukhary, The Book of Medicine,
Hadith Number: 5740, Narrated by: Abu-Huraira

- Easy to digest food and exhausts the stomach.
- Limit the feeling of hunger felt by very fast
Dates provide the stomach to receive food
- Protect against injury, arrest (constipation).
- Diuretic and wash the kidneys.
- Cleans the liver from toxins.
- Calm nervous irritability




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First, it is the element of magnesium-rich foods that protect against cancer

Second, it has a significant impact on the calm nerves for people with neurological diseases

Third, the natural mixture of iron, calcium and received by the body digest easily


The plant handles pollen sterility in women, dates sad heart rejoice


Dates and Noha is elixir of youth and the great secret and it activates the glands and strengthens the nerves


Prinia and provide you with one Bsarat sufficient for a full day of effort


Dates and prevent a lot of human diseases resulting from vitamin deficiency

Night blindness

Dry skin

Recurrence coughing and lack of vitamin - a

Osteomalacia and vitamin deficiency - d

Lin bones when pregnant and a lack of vitamin D _

- The continued bleeding and the lack of vitamin - k

- Anemia

- Diseases of the gums and teeth and wounds

- Malignant anemia, lack of vitamin B complex

Dates contain a good proportion of fiber, which helps the intestines ... Also useful in the treatment of many diseases such as hemorrhoids and diseases of the bladder, stomach and intestinal inflammation.

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