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How Do I Manage Hair Fusion

Guest Candace

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Guest Candace

Valencia, or someone


I was wondering can hair on a weft be cut off of the weft or track to use for fusion?

I know that there is special Fusion hair , but it is very expensive like $125 a bag. Does anyone know where I could get cheaper Fusion Hair? Also does any one know what is the best shampoo, conditioner or things to use to manage for the hair while you have the hair system in place? please help a sista out e-mail me at Ladycrobinson1@aol.com thanks in advance for the help

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Let me say today I got the bomb hairstyle. I totally thank you Valencia!!!


I have NEVER had fusion before and now I will NEVER have anything but. I have tried all of the methods of hair extentions. But this is awesome.


I found Valencia on this message board. She is professional, prompt, courtesy, and has major skills! She is also VERY reasonable.


I want to say to all of my sisters. If you are looking for someone that will actually work with you in creating a wonderful style. Help you pick out the HAIR!!! Answer you phone calls when you have additional questions. THen this WOMAN is for you!


I have lived all over the US, and NEVER has a stylist been this cool AFTER they have taken your money.


If your hair is short, long, thin or bald. Valencia can work with you. She will also tell you the truth!!!


If you have any questions, please email me rhot72@aol.com. I will answer any questions. In fact I am taking pics of my hair.


Valencia not sure if you will read this post. But I want to say THANK YOU AGAIN!


I love my new look






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