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Lindy Promotions, Georgetown Events and DC 101 present...


DC's Biggest New Year's Eve Party!!

This massive bash will be held at the Grand Hyatt for its 9th year running. The Downtown Countdown will feature a 5 hour open premium bar, multiple dinner buffets, and live performances by the Pat McGee Band, Carbon Leaf and Lloyd Dobler Effect! The event will be hosted by DC 101's Elliott in the Morning and Jon Ballard. For more information, visit www.downtowncountdown.net.

Tickets are currently $119 for regular and $200 for VIP.

Call 202-397-SEAT for ticket information!


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undefined In Ticketmaster, I noticed that there are promo codes for cheaper tickets. I signed up for DC pages email and I have not received any promo codes. How do I get the discount or is there no way of getting them right now? ...Thanks

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Guest DC101 sucks

After paying $1000 for "VIP" tickets for 4 people I have to say this was a huge disappointment. Third Eye Blind was barely intelligible with not a single song sounding like anything they ever released. The Grey Goose was unquestionably half water (or I'm dead from literally drinking two bottles) which was a hell of a challenge given that it officially took 20+ minutes to get one ounce of alcohol. I started whipping out $20s for my "free" alcohol about midway through the evening and getting what appeared to be full glasses full of nothing but vodka. I was weird to not even be buzzed by midnight. After midnight, we went to the "club" part of the party where the party lights mixed in the full house lights every 15 seconds blinding you and completely killing the mood. Everyone was so careful to try and kill the mood here that it was a significant challenge to convince my guests that this was fun...and to convince myself this experience was really worth $1000. I'll go out of my way to make sure everyone knows what a scam this is for years to come.

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