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Mac Or Pc


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Guest Rob nYc

I would say PC all the way because I personally built my own computer and I love it right now. I have some issues with windows but what can you do about that? The only reason I would consider a Mac is if I was into graphics design or things related to visuals. Otherwise go for a pc. :D

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Guest strangel

Point is that if you get your things done on a pc...use pc (wintel-pc that is). And the same goes for mac. But i cannot take people that flame mac seriously before they try mac themselves. Same for me; i cannot flame e.g. Linux without trying it. Actually i have tried it (very little) but if i should have an other os on my pc it would be Linux....IF i had the same programs i use one my pc plus the same possibilities. I need to synchronize my contacts between my pc and my SonyEricsson T630 seamlessly and i have to have programs that do the same as Illustrator and Photoshop. Then i may consider to switch.

Hmm. That was a digression.


But Linux aside.

I know that on a Mac, everything just works. PnP works as a dream. Plug things in and it works. And it looks sleek and cool. And if you try to disassemble a mac (of course after warranty has expired) you notice that Apple has thought about the details. Say no more :o)

Editing of movies, doing Photoshop, Quark Xpress and other graphic software is juuust sweet on a mac. All in all, i think mac is easy to use and stable as a mountain with the new operating systems on the market. I was discussing with a person on DC that hated mac. He had tried mac when OS9 was popular. Hah, even i disliked mac a little when using OS9. But after OSX hit the maket, my bad feelings towards mac vanished. In userfriendlyness, i feel that mac is lightyears in front of PCs. When i say userfriendlyness, i also consider stability and that things actually works. Things must be intuitive to new users. And mac is all that.


But one have to think about what needs one have. If i should give advice a n00b i would advice like this:


- games -->Playstation/XBOX or similar. Or maybe PC, because (i think) it is more games for pc than for mac. And PCs are a little cheaper than mac.


- internet, writing --> PC (cheapest). But if stability and userfriendlyness is essential, and price are not...well, i would immediately say Mac! :o)


- movie-/picture editing Mac! Duuh!


well...i could go on and on, but i guess you get my drift.


I have grown and become older. Earlier i was a mac fanatic. But now i juust love it. And i think people should try everything and then make a conclusion of what is best for yourself.

And then stick to it despite of what geeks tell you.


Dats wat i tink! :o)

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