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Owners Group Int. = Ogi-oil. Join Now


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Owners Group Int. = OGI-oil.


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Owners Group Int. has made an agreement with several of the best oil companies in Texas, which we can invest in. They have made a profit of 28% the last 15 years, and we all know today how the status of the oil business is. Today OGI has an agreement that will give invested stocks a payback of 55% on an exchange rate of $32 per barrel. At the moment this exchange rate is around $50 and the analysts are predicting that it will increase to $60 per barrel during the winter.








When you add members, all of them will put in a direct debit on €40 per month. From this €40 the members will get 40 stocks every month, and you will get 40% commission on it. (see attached calculation table where we have put in: You sponsor 6 people, your 6 people sponsor another 6 people in 6 levels).




Then you will make money on your friends saving and making money, and on top of this you will be paid a provision on 6 levels. Total provision would be around €122 900 per month. In addition to this the direct debit will increase to €80 when the members pass €200 in income per month, and it will increase to €120 when you pass €1000 in income per month. By that your income have increased from €122 900 times 3 = €368 700 per month!!!




This is a win-win situation for all members where everyone earns money, and this will create a revolution within MLM the next few months. Do you want to be a part of this?:-)




Imagine that you can tell your friends:”Let me register you into OGI, you can buy stocks for €40 per month and will make between 50-90% on them, and in addition to this you will benefit on the exchange rate of our OGI oil stocks increasing when the stock exchange starts. You will also make a commission of 40% in 6 levels when you write in your friends and there is a recurrent income every single month.”



Best Regards


Ludmil Angyozov

Toghether Everyone Achieve More


Join Now

In order to make registration you need:

Sponsor Name: BUSINESS

SPONSOR´S Email: ogintteam@yahoo.es


Mob.+34 678 01 1212

Team OGInt are a group of independent representatives

for Owners Group International. www.mediapower.se

You can also Skype me: YOUNOTCALLME


Cam to Visit for free (worldwide) IN My HOT Conference Room. Just Download the room from here at any time and Enter.

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