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I would like to try the hair fushion method--My hair is right at my shoulders and I have been wearing sew-ins for approx 3 yrs which has promoted great results as far as the health and length of my hair however my hair is naturally thin and I want to try hair fusion I don't know anything about it except it looks GREAT!!! What would be the best and healthiest method for my hair hot or cold fushion and would it damage my hair since I am putting glue at the root of my hair? Also to your knowledge does this cause in hair breakage?





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This is a coincidence because me and one of my coworkers have been discussing the thought of getting infusion put in our hair for the past two days and I've been the one shopping around for prices. Alot of people recommended Abelyne's in VA however one of the hairstylist I go to says she receives alot of Abelyne's clientele after they have damaged the client's hair. So far I've been quoted $300-$450 for 1/2 head and $600-$700 for a full head. Right now I just cannot see investing that much money for my hair but I do want it. Valencia I'll be in touch either way as I'm still shopping around.



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I've gone to Abelyne before. My hair is very fine and the Abelyne product would just snap off where it was connected. The problem is that they use pre-tipped hair that is a certain size/weight that was just too heavy for my hair. Will probably work if you have average/thick hair.


I also hated the hair quality. It was dry and tangled a lot -- even when they washed it. Maybe I just got a bad batch, because when I went back for them to look at it they seemed surprised by how poor the hair was.


I now use Ultima for Hair (also called Hair Xtend) in Vienna. This is great, but expensive. $1,200-$1,400 for 3/4 to a whole head. I went home for the Thanksgiving holiday and my Mom who hadn't seen me in a few months kept saying how glad she was I let my hair grow long like when I was young. She couldn't tell, even though we were togther all the time, went swimming together and she saw me combing it. I told her and she couldn't believe it. The hair was that good. The guy who does the extensions (Maurice), colors and cuts the hair to really match/blend it.


I've tried sewn in wefts too but it can't compare to the fusion. With fusion I can wear my hair anyway I want to -- in two or three braids, up in a bun, in a pony tail. And I can wash as often as i like.

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Let me say today I got the bomb hairstyle. I totally thank you Valencia!!!


I have NEVER had fusion before and now I will NEVER have anything but. I have tried all of the methods of hair extentions. But this is awesome.


I found Valencia on this message board. She is professional, prompt, courtesy, and has major skills! She is also VERY reasonable.


I want to say to all of my sisters. If you are looking for someone that will actually work with you in creating a wonderful style. Help you pick out the HAIR!!! Answer you phone calls when you have additional questions. THen this WOMAN is for you!


I have lived all over the US, and NEVER has a stylist been this cool AFTER they have taken your money.


If your hair is short, long, thin or bald. Valencia can work with you. She will also tell you the truth!!!


If you have any questions, please email me rhot72@aol.com. I will answer any questions. In fact I am taking pics of my hair.


Valencia not sure if you will read this post. But I want to say THANK YOU AGAIN!


I love my new look





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Hi, I am new to this and so confused. Am hoping that someone out there can give me some advice! I got my hair thermally straightened in September and it was ok for about a month and then began breaking off considerably and looks awful. I'd like to give my hair a break, and right now can't do anything with it besides pull it back. I thought a hair weave or extensions might be a good solution. Here's the question though, if I am wanting to leave my hair alone and I have regrowth that is very kinky but I want to wear my hair straight, would fusion work with that, or is my only option a weave? It seems that with fusion some of the natural hair would show. Thanks in advance for any help! :huh:

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Hello, my name is Shiry and I would suggest one of two things:

A hairweave, Valencia has info on her. The reason for the hairweave is because your hair will take a break from any sort of stress. Or you can purchase a wig. Hair fusion will allow for some of the natural hair to be exposed. There is no stress on the hair from hairfusion.But since you are natural those are the two choices you have.

Shiry ;)

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