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Guest Songwriter/Composer/Singer

Are you looking for a great original song to get you noticed or continue your string of hits?

Do you have lyrics or a poem that you have always wanted to put to music?

Do you need original songs for an artist or a band under your management?

Do you need a custom-made song for a "special" occasion?

Whatever your musical needs, I am able to help you!

I'm an experienced songwriter/musician/singer, and I have the ability to record at my home-studio and send you the original MP3 songs, and the backing tracks, wherever you are, via e-mail.

I write in all genres, and as a songwriter and musician, I understand the artist perspective of needing great songs for connection with an audience.

Professionally produced original songs, complete with vocals (by me) and instruments, guitars, piano, bass, drums, etc.

I also include the instrumental versions of the songs (backing tracks) so you could add your own vocals later.

I am open to online collaboration through Email, Skype, Live Chat, etc.

Audio formats: MP3, MIDI, WAV, etc. (suitable for vocal mixing and further studio editing)

If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, contact me directly via E-MAIL: wxmzw@yahoo.com


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