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Can Syria become a graveyard for Al-Qaeda men?

Guest Adnan Darwash

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Guest Adnan Darwash

It seems that thousands of Jihadists have travelled or are on their way to Syria in response to the call of Dr Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Al-Qaeda leader. Knowing this, one may ask why the leaders of Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia accept to facilitate the movement of men, money, equipment and weapons through their territories in support of the armed resistance to Dr Al-Assad regime? Furthermore, why the American, the British, the German, the French and the Israeli intelligence and special-forces are directely involved in the training of fighters before sending them across the Turkish or the Jordanian borders to join the fight? Following the long-awaited announcement from the head of the Nusrat Front, that his organisation is in fact a branch of Al-Qaeda; all of above leaders and countries started to run for cover. Because of the large number of players currently involved in Syria, one expects a diversity of tactics and strategies, these are:

  1. The USraelis aim is to fragment Syria and to destroy its armed forces as they constitute a threat to Israel.

  2. Egypt, Jordan, Yemen,Tunisia and Libya want to get rid of the Salafists and hard-core Jihadists.

  3. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, UK and US aim at weakening Iran and Hezbullah.

  4. Luring Al-Qaeda men to the killing fields of Syria will strengthen the position of moderate Islamists that accept USraeli designs for the Middle East.

  5. The Iranians and the Russians share with the Americans the need to eliminate Al-Qaeda and allowing moderate resistance fighters to negotiate a way out of the current bloody impasse in Syria.

  6. Iraq will benefit if Al-Qaeda fighters were to leave Ramadi,Tikrit, Diala and Mosul and go to get killed in Syria.
    Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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