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The hedgehog-style hugging between USraelis and Islamists

Guest Adnan Darwash

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Guest Adnan Darwash

At the time when pro-American Arabs are financing the armed insurrection in Syria, the USraeli special-forces are training Islamists fighters in Jordan and Turkey. Ironically, Hamas military wing of Al-Qassam Brigade has been supporting the same Syrian opposition groups and is currently training fighters near Damascus in preparation for the final assault on the capital using Vietnamese-style attack tunnels. The situation is extremely puzzling to everyone. Hamas, which is considered as a terrorist organization by the USraelis is aligning itself with the Nusrtat Front, which is also on the USraeli terrorist list. The Nurat Front's fighters are hard-core fundamentalists and Salafists recruited from Tunisia, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Turkey and Libya. Furthemore, the Nusrat Front is the most active on the ground: using money, training and weapons supplied directly or indirectly by the USraelis, France, the UK, Hamas, Libya, Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. One has to mention here that Nusrat Front and Hamas are vehement anti-USraelis. So what makes all these hedgehogs hugging each other and fighting in the same trench? The answer is Iran. The Americans have another objective that is to divert Al-Qaeda's attention away from attacking Western targets to attacking those of Arabs and Muslims.

Disregarding all post Assad consequences, the USraeli special-forces will go on hunting down fighters of Hamas and the Nusrat Front. Iran and Hezbullah will have another day.

Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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