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Tuesday 11/2 :: Rpm :: Indigenous Womb ::


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Restoring Poetry in Music (RPM)




::: "Whether you’re looking for intelligent lyrics, hypnotic grooves and textures, or uncharted improvisational journeys, RPM has something to offer every audience member. An RPM set contains stylistic elements of funk, jazz, hip-hop, rock and soul. However, without resorting to genre classification, the bottom line is that Restoring Poetry in Music provides energetic inspiration to a crowd looking to move their body, mind and spirit. Check out their new album, "Dream Awake", at www.rpmband.com :::


Indigenous Womb


::: "Indigenous W()mb features hybridized cross-genre experimentation powered by the vintage Hip-Hop tradition of DJ & MC(s). The blistering synth-rich sampling ingenuity and rhythm-gliding drum sequencing of DJ Sseleman combined with the wide-range vocal output delivery of Ras Dan Sealy, Vex Bliss, Signifire, & Amen combine to trademark the I-W()mb sound. Expect to hear a plethora of inter-verse lyricism, battle-ready chants, dance-floor rejuvanating dub-dancehall chatter-boxing, esoteric spoken-word, story-telling recounts, along with other surprises this quartet of unassuming mic-holders might pull out the pocket. Check them out at: www.indigenouswomb.com" :::


MC Flex Mathews & DJ Damu




::: "MC Flex Mathews, the out of work super hero, reigns supreme as one of DC's wickedest lyrical assassins. Together with Damu the Fudgemunk manipulating the MPC, this is one dynamic duo headed for world domination! Flex is featured on "School of Emceeing" a Maryland, Virginia and DC hip-hop compilation CD with his song "BPM". Mr. Mathews is currently working on his first solo project, an EP by the name of "The Handsome Grandson" that is due to drop in the next few months." :::

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