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Ten years on, US and UK War Criminals are still free!

Guest Adnan Darwash

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Guest Adnan Darwash

On 19 March 2013, the US and UK soldiers started their march on Baghdad to Israeli drums. It was in 1998 that a Zionist conference in TelAviv drafted a resolution to invade Iraq and to destroy its armed forces. The Zionist conference was attended by Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, RIchard Rmitage, John Bolton, Richard Perle and a large number of Neo Cons who were later appointed to lead the campaign to disarm Iraq and to establish democracy and the rule of law. The real objectives of the war was to control Iraqi oil, remove a threat to Israel and establish a base for attacking Iran. In this regard, the war was illegal as it was not authorized by the UN and not in self defence. But what did the Israeli-managed UK-US war accomplished after 10 years?Saddam was killed, Iraq was destroyed leaving one million widows and four million orphans. But to the hard luck of Bush, Blair, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and Rumsfeld no weapons of mass destruction were found nor a link to Alqaeda.

After all the human and material losses, Iraq became a strong base for Al-Qaeda and for Iran. The torture and rape of Abu Ghraib inmates tarnished the civilized image of America and Its allies. While the killing will haunt America and Britain for years to come. There is a very strong revenge culture in Iraq which will

endanger the lives of Americans and British people if they ever venture to visit Iraq.

Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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Guest american-joe

Good day Adnan,


I see that the years have not changed the tone of bitterness in your discourse since the days of the old albawa forum. I remember how then you would rant incessantly that although Iraq would lose a million people the American troops would ultimately suffer an inglorious defeat at the hands of the mighty Iraqi resistance and suffer the same fate as the Mongols after their invasion of Bagdad, dragging the corpes of their dead comrades behind them.


Well, you were correct on one point that Iraq was left with millions of widows and orphans due mostly, in my opiinion to the U.S. military leaders decision after the occupation to disband the Iraqi military. Had the Iraqi military been left in tact like the Egyptians after the fall of Mubarak we may not have seen such a disastrous ending. But that is neither here nor there now.


And I see, also, that you are still on this "illegal war" thing and the whole UN Charter bit prohibiting a member state from attacking another UN member. truth is, the UN is nothing more than a tragic joke powerless to enforce any of their so-called International laws. Although the member states like to tout UN International law, charters, treaties etc when it suits them to support a particular position they just keep recycling the same worn out hot air for the good of all mankind. The charade always provides us with more laughs.


Now, if you want to discuss accountability, then it has to start with the UN body first. When the UN representatives are held accountable for the millions of people that have died, been made homeless as a result of their ineptitude or are held accountable for the millions, perhaps billions of dollars that have been mismanaged due to fraud then we can talk about the UN as a legitimate world organization worthy of respect.


Finally, my dear friend, you may imagine that we Amricans will be haunted by the killings in Iraq for years to come, but as usual, you could not be farther from reality. Frankly speaking, the majority of us don't give a damn about Iraq or Iraqi's.


For all the reasons given for the invasion of Iraq i.e. WMD, blood for oil, etc., truth be told many Americans just wanted vengeance for 911. And since as a rule, Arabs hate Americans, getting retribution against the ME biggest blowhard was an easy thing to do. You see, my dear Adan, Iraqi's do not have a monopoly on revenge.


So, go ahead, my friend, and waste away your miserable life in years of bitter hatred for the Jews, Americans and whomever and see who gives a care. In case it hasn't become obvious to you before, the absence of responses to your posts on this forum should be a indicator that you might just as well be whistling to the wind.


Iraqi problems are now in Iraqi hands. Are you going to be part of the problem or part of the solution.


all the best,


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