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Popular Leaders Like Chavez will always be opposed by the US

Guest Adnan Darwash

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Guest Adnan Darwash

Hugo Chavez has gone but those whom he helped remain living in homes he built, treated in hospitals invested in and their children frequent schools and universities he established. That is after nationalizing the oil industry and investing the oil proceeds not in NY or Swiss banks but on the country infrastructure and on the people. But the poor people are unable to hire journalists or to invest on US lobbyists. To the contrary, the oil companies are able to invest on US Seanatoars and politicians to influence US politics and to castigate Venezuela and tarnish the image of COmmandante Hugo Chavez. That is why the millions of people marching behind Chavez coffin are chanting revolutionary slogans to the displeasure of the US government who choose to side with the oppressors of Latin America and never with the oppressed. It is rather disappointing reading and hearing the statements coming from Obama Whitehouse. One can easily conclude that Uncle Tom Obama is ready to side with those who enslaved the blacks as long as they donate generously to the Democratic Party.

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