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Question for runners: advice and/or doctor recommendation for treating ankle injury

Guest Jon

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A few monts ago I injured my left ankle after attempting to transition (gradually) to minimalist running sneakers. It didn't go away after a few weeks, so I consulted a doctor. Long story short: an MRI revlealed out that I have a type one (mildest form) hypertrophic tear in the tibialis posterior in my left ankle.

Despite some setbacks initially, it seemed like I was improving steadily with physical therapy and acupuncture. After I month I was able to train on an elliptical machine, do aerobics, and ride my bike. By Christmas, it felt as though I was 75% improved. Then I visited my parents and decided to run a few miles since I didn't have access to an elliptical machine. So I ran for four days in a row, and didn't feel that bad. But then as I was on my way to the train back to DC, I noticed pain in my ankle. It got even worse after I got back to the city and helped pack up my office for our renovation. Between the running and the packing, I reinjured my ankle. That was three weeks ago, and there doesn't seem to be any sign of improvement. I can't even do my physical therapy stretches because they aggravate it. Forget aboout any kind of cardio, let alone running. And the acupuncture isn't working as well as it did last time either. All I can do seemingly is sit on my couch with my leg elevated. Even sitting with my feet on the floor irritates it after a while. My doctor had orthotics custom made for me (my flat-footdedness/pronation was apparently the main cause of the injury). I've been wearing them for the past two and a half weeks when I have to walk anywhere, but they've done little if anything to heal my ankle.

Has anyone had an injury like this before? Could you please give me some insight on it? I'd like to know: how long it typically takes to heal; what the most effective treatments are; and the names of good doctors in the area (I'm not very happy with the ones I've been seeing). This injury has been incredibly frustrating, and I'd love to hear from runners who have been through it before. I NEED to get back to running ASAP.

I'm male, 29 years old, 6'1 weigh, and weigh about 185 lbs when I'm running (it's closer to 190-195 now). When I was healthy I ran about 25 miles per week.




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