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Chris Van Hollen Not Right For Md-8

Guest Jason Weiner

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Guest Jason Weiner

Chris Van Hollen has now definitely lost my vote. I am a registered

voter in the eighth district of Maryland and I'm not very partisan,

but I do tend to vote Democratic. LOL, not this year, though, at least

not for my district. Even though the move from Montgomery County to

the Capitol in DC is not but a couple of miles, you would think Chris

Van Hollen went to work in Siberia. The guy has been all but invisible

in the district, needless to say he has not been accessible, and he

won't even debate Chuck Floyd, who is his Republican opponent this

year. This is all bad, but not as bad as what I saw when I was doing

my research on the candidates. I came across this link:

http://www.vanhollen2004.net/. Now, let me ask you something, Chris,

do you really think it wise to be for Palestinian statehood when

you're in a district that's 30% Jewish? This has definitely left a bad

taste in my mouth. At least Chuck Floyd has made protecting Israel and

national security a central point of his platform. Like I said, I

don't really vote for Republicans, but I guess I am this year.

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Guest Rachel Adelstein

Chirs van Hollen is a schmuck! That guy is meshugen! If he thinks he'll get my vote while standing in support of terrorists that kill innocent women and children, he's got something coming to him!


Chris van Hollen should better get his office mover soon, because come November 2, I'm voting for Chuck Floyd!

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