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Governments Should Support Spiritual Education


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Governments Should Support Spiritual Education


In ancient India, kings spent a lot of funds on spiritual education. Most people in present times feel that spiritual knowledge is the most useless theoretical subject, with no practical relevance. They do not realize its tremendous practical benefit to society. Spiritual education establishes the faith in God and fear for hell, which control sins like corruption etc. resulting in perfect peace. This avoids the necessity of courts and police, which are unable to control sins like corruption. In fact sometimes, these controlling systems also become corrupt.


The present chaos in society proves the ineffectiveness of the courts and police. You cannot blame Me for not being able to show the existence of hell to you. You too are unable to show the absence of hell to Me in this infinite space. In this situation of a 50-50 probability of the existence and non-existence of hell, it is better to err on safe side, which is not committing sin and believing in the existence of hell. A wise blind man will go back by erring on the safe side, when somebody says that there is a fire ahead in his path, even if some other person says that there is no fire ahead. Realizing the wonderful fruit of spiritual education and following the ideal path of the ancient kings, the present government itself should arrange and fund confere

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