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I'll Vote For Him Because I Like Him!

Guest I'm for Bush

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Guest I'm for Bush

Bush is a nice guy and I like him. He says he's a Christian and so am I, although he doesn't go to church (neither do I).


So what if John Kerry is a lifelong churchging Catholic and former alter boy; he's not a Christian like me.


So what if most college educated Americans support Kerry and the high school dropouts support Bush, there are more of us than them. And so what that more Americans voted for Gore than Bush, we won and that's that. You don't like it, tough! The rules are the rules, don't whine about what's 'fair' or 'ethical'.


I don't care that the vast majority of Europeans and other citizens of the planet hate Bush and hate the U.S. while Bush is in office (and otherwise love the U.S. and are praying for a Kerry victory), the heck with the rest of the world! We don't need any friends like that.


So what that Bush is in favor of more gas guzzling SUV's and hates to tax the rich, the wage slaves should be thrilled to still have jobs and not be fighting in the war against terror! They should consider it an honor to pay all the taxes they are asked to. Grandma and the business owner shouldn't have to pay taxes, without them that job might dissappear. Those who make a living by investing shouldn't have to pay taxes either.


All those who believe in Global Warming probably also believe that silly theory of 'evolution'. I didn't come from no mouse or ape. I was created on the sixth day and my creator rested on the seventh. The Book says it, I believe it, end of discussion. Don't try to debate me with your 'facts' and 'evidence'. I don't want to see or hear it.


We started the war in Iraq because of 9/11. Don't tell me otherwise. Those weapons are somewhere, I just know it.


Those soldiers shouldn't complain about anything, they knew that they were joining the militiary. Now they want out just because their tour is up? Please, there's a war going on. What are we going to do, have the Bush and Cheney daughters go fight it?


Those scandals in Abu Ghraib or whatever were the soldier's own fault. No one told them to do this awful stuff, did they? Those A-rabs probably had it coming to them!


Please don't try to tell me that Kerry didn't lie about Viet Nam to help our enemy. I watch FoxNews. I know the truth.


I don't care how deep we are in debt, I like Bush because my taxes are low.


And I don't care what Bush had under his jacket during all three debates. Or what things he (or his wife) did before he was president. Or what deals were made or any of that. I like him and so I'm for Bush. :angry:

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