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After much research, I encountered my first Reiki experience tonight! My interest first sparked in the subject after traveling to India with a particularly gifted friend of mine. This friend has been blessed with an incredible, yet at times burdening, gift- she can read auras. Each and every person has their own energy field, and each field makes up a person's aura. These auras are all different colors, and can say things about you. For example, the more transparent your aura, the more intuitive you are with regard to picking up on all things spiritual.


Naturally, I was curious and wanted to know more. I discovered she was a Reiki Master- someone trained in the art of Reiki Touch Therapy, a therapy which has undergone some pretty extensive scholarly research in the past ten years- see Bowden, D., Goddard, L. & Gruzelier, J. (2011) for a neat example- and has been shown to have positive effects on anything ranging from mood enhancement to digestion improvements.


According to my Reiki Master friend, “Reiki is an energy-based touch therapy that provides a means for life force energy to recharge, realign, and rebalance the human energy fields, creating optimal conditions needed by the body's natural healing system.” Reiki works by incorporating the seven main chakras (energy centers) of the body to align and promote positive energy flow. This readjustment of the universal life energy is what causes the biopsychosocial improvements.


It worked for me-- it can work for you too, give it a try!

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