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Let the Arab opposition be in government to face the music!

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In most Arab countries opponents of incumbent regimes are denied the opportunity to voice their views let alone take part in the decision making process involving human and resource development of the country. And despite links and strong support from successive American governments, local regimes, continue to persecute the opponents and in many cases peaceful demonstrations are fired upon. The American foreign policy prefers stability over democracy in order to ensure the US Oil cartels a major share of Arab oil. That is besides accepting and living with Israeli violations and intransigence. The pro-American Mubarak of Egypt, the Saudi Kings, Al-Khalifa of Bahrain, Al-Thani of Qatar, Zeid Bin Ali of Tunisia, Al-Assad of Syria, Gheddafi of Libya, Saddam of Iraq, Saleh of Yemen, the military in Algieria, the Jordanian kings and the Israelis have/had their hands stained with the blood of liberals and intellectuals calling for freedom and democracy and a peaceful transfer of power to the elected representatives of the people. With the passing of time, and hundreds of victims, the peaceful demonstrations turned violent opening the field for Islamic extremists. The opposition won the elections in Algeria (1991), Palestine (2006),Tunisia (2011), and in Egypt (2012). The political Islam won but in Algiers and Palestine the winners were denied a chance to form governments under a number of pretexts. But seeing what is happening in Egypt right now, it was good that the Americans and their allies gave Dr M. Mursi a chance to form a government and face the day-to-day problems. The current chaos in Cairo will discredit the Muslim Brotherhood and may result in their defeat in future elections. Similarly, The Islamic Salvation Front of Algeria and Hamas of Palestine may have disappeared from the scene if they were allowed to be in government. Foreign interference in the internal affairs of countries by the US and Israel tend to back fire, to hinder the natural development processes and to breed hatred and extremism. It is in the long-term interest of everyone if the Americans, the British and the Israelis order their CIA, MI-6 and MOSSAD agents, respectively, to leave Arabs to tend to their own affairs.

Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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