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The Sunni Political Islam must stop serving Uncle Sam

Guest Adnan Darwash

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Guest Adnan Darwash

The CIA started to flirt with the Sunni Political Islam during the days of the cold war. The Afghan Mujahideen, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Hamas were embraced and supported by the CIA, MI-6, German BND, Saudi Intelligence and the Jordanian regime; in order to fight communism. The Sunni fundamentalists were effectively used to toppling the government of communist Dr Najeeb Ullah in Kabul before hanging him on 27.09.1996. Hamas was established in 1987 with the tacit blessing of late King Hussein of Jordan and his Western allies, mainly to neutralise the effects of leftist-oriented Palestinian organisation, the likes of the PLO, the PFLP and PFLP-general command. Similar to Al-Qaeda, Hamas drifted away from what the USraeli wanted them to be; a Political Islam at the Service of Uncle Sam.

But within the Sunni Islamic fundamentalists there are still elements connected to the USraelis while being finance by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States. These elements are currently implementing USraeli designs by promoting the premises that Israel is a friend and Iran as the enemy. In the process, they are justifying attacks on the anti-USraeli Shiats in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Bahrain.

It is a well known fact that Arabs don’t have clear strategies or effective tactics. The Sunni fundamentalists need allies if they ever try to re-direct their weapons at the US-supported Israeli criminals and not at their fellow citizens. As it is recently shown in Gaza, it was the Iranians and not the Saudis who supplied Hamas with weapons and training. There is no need at all to kill shiat or to antagonize Iran, because that is exactly what the US-Israeli strategists wanted us to do.

If the West wants to limit the role of Iran and Hizbullah, it should work to force the Israelis to implementing 39 UN Security Council Resolutions they are in breach of, lifting the siege they imposed on Gaza, releasing the thousands of Palestinians from prisons and stopping the building of illegal settlements. Anything short of ending the occupation is a mere waste of time, money and valuable lives on both sides. How many more conflicts and truces are needed before the USraelis realise that keeping the status quo is becoming extremely costly and dangerous to everyone..

Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times.

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