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Guest ResearchingAltTherapies

Hello message board readers!


I posted this topic to invite people to discuss the use of yoga as an alternative therapy. I've been doing a bit of research on this subject, and there seems to be a lot of evidence that yoga is an effective alternative or supplementary treatment for many different medical issues. However, I'm also wondering what people have to say about their personal experiences with yoga. If you have tried yoga, or use it consistently, why? Have you experienced any health benefits through practicing yoga? Would you recommend yoga as an alternative medicine or recreational activity?


These are a few of the articles I've looked at regarding yoga as an alt. therapy. What are your thoughts? A couple of these studies measure the effectiveness of yoga as a treatment by interviewing patients about their quality of life. Do you think that these studies are valid, when taking into account the placebo effect? If anyone else knows of other studies relating to yoga as an alternative therapy, please let me know!


"Researchers Find Yoga May Be Effective For Chronic Low Back Pain in Minority Populations" http://www.scienceda...91104101541.htm


"Yoga (alternative medicine)" http://www.scienceda...native_medicine).htm


"Siginificant Benefits of Yoga in People With Rheumatoid Arthritis, Study Shows" http://www.scienceda...10526064641.htm


"Cancer Patients Aided by Yoga" http://www.jstor.org...ce=showFullText


"Yoga's Ability to Improve Mood and Lessen Anxiety Is Linked to Increased Levels of a Critical Brain Chemical" http://www.scienceda...01111160539.htm


"Alternative Medicine Therapies: Yoga" http://library.think...24206/yoga.html

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Guest ResearchingAltTherapies

Hey Ruth977,


I have done a little bit of research on that topic as well. Even though most westerners typically do not associate yoga with any spiritual practice, yoga is deeply rooted in Hindu spiritual culture.



The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yuj,” meaning to unite, or join together. The earliest records of the practice of yoga come from seals found in the Indus Valley, which depict figures in postures identical to asanas (the postures used when performing hatha yoga). Ancient yoga involved both physical and spiritual exercises, with the purpose of achieving moksha, the escape from worldly suffering and breaking the cycle of rebirth. Those who practiced yoga sought mastery over their bodies, minds, and spirits, and wanted to transcend earthly desire.


Yoga has influenced many forms of Indian spirituality, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and even Sufi Islam and Christianity more recently. The Buddhist practices that developed in India shared many similarities with yoga, such as denouncing the physical world and seeking ultimate spiritual liberation; for Buddhists, nirvana. In fact, one of the Buddhist schools is called Yogachara, which means “practice of Yoga.”


Most of the information summarized here was found on either of these two sites, if you would want to read more about it :)





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Guest ResearchingAltTherapies

Hi Luke,


Here are a couple of articles that talk about yoga and its effects on people with chronic lower back pain:


This one talks about a study which showed yoga can help treat chronic back pain. However, I noted that this study measured the effectiveness of yoga by having the patients fill out questionnaires, so the placebo effect could be at work. Still worth checking out, though. http://today.msnbc.m...s/#.ULGwI47R3zI


This one gives a couple of good positions recommended for people with back pain. Though many experts seem to agree that yoga is beneficial, if you are skeptical about its effectiveness, nothing better than to test it out for yourself! http://recipes.howst...-treat-pain.htm


To offer another perspective, this study showed that people with chronic back pain benefit from general stretching, not yoga specifically. http://www.cnn.com/2...pain/index.html


There are also some videos on youtube that demonstrate yoga positions recommended for people with chronic back pain. I hope this is a bit helpful, and that you are able to go camping again!

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Guest ResearchingAltTherapies

I have not looked much into Kriya yoga specifically, but here are some sites I found in a brief search. They seem mostly to have to do with the mental and spiritual benefits of Kriya yoga.







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