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Hamas and Jesse Ventura: Sacrifices the way forward

Guest Adnan Darwash

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Guest Adnan Darwash

Mr Jesse Ventura believes that the shooting of four innocent students at the Kent University Campus by the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970 shocked America and lead to the end of the Vietnam war. At the time, the students were demonstrating against Nixon-Kissinger's attempt to extend the Vietnam war to Cambodia. Following the shooting, four million US students went on strike that opened the eyes of the rest of the nation. Mr Ventura advised the 'Occupy Movement' to make sacrifices in order for the nation to hear their warnings of the danger of the mafias controlling the US Banks and its Financial institutions.

Similarly, Hamas knows that the International community will remain silent about the Israeli siege of Gaza and their daily atrocities against the Palestinians unless sacrifices are made. President Mahmoud Abbas has failed and the peaceful approach will never end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands,, stop the illegal Jewish settlements or force the Israelis to abide by 39 UN Security Council Resolutions, they are in breach off. The fighting in Gaza couldn't come at a worst time for the Israelis and for their American mentors: who are currently financing and arming Islamists in order to depose Assad in Syria and in trying to direct the world attention to Iran's Nuclear capabilities.


Since the West will never arm Hamas fighters with Stinger anti Aircraft Missiles to defend against the Israeli warplanes, the way it is currently doing in Syria, the Arab street will punish all the Pro-West Kings, Sultans, Sheiks and Emirs currently in power, one at atime. It is natural to conclude that the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi will not be the last if the US continues its current policy of double standards and selective morality.


Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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