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Let's Get Rid Of The Gang Of Six In Pg County


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Chairman of the Prince George’s County Council Jack Johnson certainly his hands full this year. A coalition on the County Council, dubbed the “Gang of Six,” have successfully obstructed several pieces of crucial legislation this year and, for this Prince Georgian, enough is enough. The Gang of Six initially blocked the Chairman’s plan to save Prince George’s Hospital Center from financial ruin. They also raised park and planning taxes without distributing the money to each district. All because they weren’t consulted prior to the Chairman’s proposals. Is it really necessary to sacrifice decent healthcare and social services for Prince Georgians to placate six people’s egos? I, for one, don’t think so.


The Gang of Six’s pettiness is so low, that they defeated a $1.55 million appropriation for parks and recreation, just because the beneficiary is an ally of the County Executive. Is this what we want? Do we want PG County to be beholden to the interests of the Gang of Six while the rest of us suffer?


On November 2, the people of Prince George’s County have to ability to end these Councilpersons’ irresponsible leadership. On the ballot is a proposition for two at-large representatives that would end the Gang of Six’s majority. For everyone in Prince George’s County, it is imperative that this proposition passes. We can’t let the Gang of Six continue to obstruct the passage of legislation that has clear benefits for all Prince Georgians. People of Prince George’s County, please vote FOR Question H, and tell the Gang of Six to FuGgedaboutIt on F, G, and I.

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Guest Lady_Charnay

Remember that you vote for the County Council Member in your district. But here are their names and the District they represent.


Sam Dean District 6 (Council Vice Chairman)


Doug Peters District 4


Camille Exum District 7


Tom Dernoga District 1


Tony Knotts District 8 (Council Chairman)


David Harrington District 5


Although it's great to send these people packing, it is going to be hard. A way to break their lock on the Council, there is an amendment to the County's Charter. Amendment H will add two at-large Members which will represent the county's interests instead of those of the narrow district interests hindering needed projects that will benefit the county as a whole.

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