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Sears call center and product delivery

Guest Amanda Ware

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Guest Amanda Ware

Sears shows their incompetence!


I’ve been on the phone with one of your operators for over an hour because for some reason she is unable to explain why I haven’t received an item. The order (# 409476608) placed on October 6th had an item that was to be delivered to the store with an estimation date of Oct 9-11th. I received the other two order items to my home; however, the other item (high chair) was not received. I received an email explaining the delivery date was pushed back but after that email there was no additional correspondence. On Nov 1st, I called your call center and spoke with Tess. She informed me that she didn’t know why I hadn’t received the item and had no information of where it should be delivered. On my order confirmation, it showed where it was suppose to be delivered. She then said the location was South Carolina and not Maryland. I asked her whether the item was delivered to the wrong location. Either she didn’t understand my question or had no answer because she attempted to transfer me to the store. I told her not to transfer me until I was given an explanation. She then stated that my order from October 17th was not complete. What October 17th order. My order was made on the 6th! So either the order was processed incorrectly or it was never processed at all. I’ve asked to speak to a supervisor at the call center but as usual this is taking forever.

I do not place any blame on the call center but they could have handled it better. After speaking with Patrick (case manager) I was offered about $12 off of price order. Really! My entire call time (1 hour ½) was worth more than that…Patrick explained to me that my order will still take 6-8 days. No one asked to get my number so they could find out additional information such as contacting the warehouse or another store to help rectify the situation. I would rather the call center contact other stores or the warehouse to get the item to me, send the item to my home with two day shipping or make other suggestions to satisfy me rather than $12. Offering that small amount of money was a bit of an insult. So if I ever receive my item, this order would have taken over a month.

Either way this situation should have been handled better. It’s unacceptable to have an order that was not on backorder to take this long. I have ordered items since and received it quicker than this item. So it should not be a surprise that I will not order from your company anymore. I have much better experiences at your competitors. If I only received a complimentary email saying thanks for your order, it’s going to take a bit longer. Instead you ignored me. Please learn from this…


Beverly Harvey and Amanda Ware

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