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Kissinger agrees with Ahmedinejad about Israel fate!!!

Guest Adnan Darwash

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Guest Adnan Darwash

Many Jews and non-Jews were surprised to read the statement of former Professor Kissinger assistant concerning Israeli longevity. According to her, Dr Kissinger had said that Israel will not survive another 10 years. That is despite the thousands of Jewish Political Gurus, Israeli huge stockpiles of all types of weapons of mass destruction, AIPAC and MOSSAD conspiracies, dirty works and assassinations and billions of US tax payers money; Israel may not survive another decade. Besides Ahmedinejad who publicises his known anti-Israeli rhetoric, millions throughout the world may have reached the same conclusion as Professor Kissinger. The mathematic of reality does'nt favour Israel. To start with the USA is fed up being a party to all Israeli atrocities and violations. The authority of pro-American Arab military dictarors, Kings, Emirs and Sultans is being degraded by the day and a strong Islamic current is threatening to flood the areas surrounding Israel. And instead of being an asset, Israeli stockpile of Nuclear weapons is becoming a liability. At this very moment, Israel is in breach of 39 security council resolutions. If Israel launch an attack on Iran, the Kissinger ten-year may be drastically reduced. So the Jews will look for a place to emigrate to after settling in Israel since 1948. This fate is expected from a country that has been led by terrorists (Begin, Shamir, Netanyahu), assassin (Barak), criminal (Sharon), and a rapist (Kassav).

Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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