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Guest Kenny Lessing Jr

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Guest Kenny Lessing Jr

Dear DC Message Board and Readers and people who have found this page in a search;


DCMessageBoards.com refused to take down a false complaint about myself. So I did respond childishly to Chris Davis and posted emails of what he has said to me. That, I apologize for. I was upset by him making fun of me for going through a divorce and I am heart-broken about loosing my three children and he helped my ex-wife to steal my business.I have never given up on my children or my business. He lied to me over the phone and sent me many false emails, of which I have a record of, to slander me. These emails were sent to my business associates at the time. If you are one of my business associates, past, current or future, I want to thank you for working with me. Internet slander is very easy to achieve.


Over the past 2 years, the RealTimeScriptStore.com has sold and hosted many textad exchanges, and some of the biggest exchanges on the internet today. We supply free help to anyone that we provide web hosting to. We sell blank scripts, so that you can create many other textad exchanges for yourself. Most of the time, we even install them for you at no cost. We are not held responsible for editing your script nor do we fix your script six months later, for free. We recommend a highly qualified computer programmer, and if you do not know one, we can recommend one for you that we have had a solid business relationship with over the years. I believe that these policies are fair and just. My business is currently growing on a daily basis, after 5 years of much hard work and textad exchange experience.


Without any formal training, real-time-traffic.net was my very first textad exchange and was opened in March of 2008. There are now 12 real time traffic sites. We host 13 different networks, expanding to directly contact millions of people a day. There are no books or instructions on running a textad exchange, but advertising is the key to making it work.


If there are any questions, comments or concerns regarding any of these events or information, you may contact me directly at 704-890-9684.


Kenny Lessing Jr

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Guest a on-line friend

It is a shame that is it is so easy to mess with someone these days on-line. I think this message board should research more for the facts. I have been dealing with Kenny Lessing over 2 years - NEVER had a issue. Just a shame his ex-wifes boyfriend and his friends would hurt him, I guess in the long run they hurt themselves. Shows what kind of a woman Mrs. Lindy Lessing is, to get with a man she met off-line - thats is for sure the type of person to show their true colors. Sorry Kenny for you to spend so many wasted year with her. I guess it was for the kids!

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