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It is puzzling why Hilary Clinton fails to understand the Muslims’ reaction

Guest Adnan Darwash

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Guest Adnan Darwash

It is puzzling why Hilary Clinton fails to understand the Muslims’ reaction?

The common American citizen is close to being brain washed, believing that the US is a force for the good of people giving generous aids, spreading democracy and liberating countries. Naturally, the US media, controlled by moguls and power centres, share the blame for not telling the people the other side of US foreign policy. During the cold war, the Americans were supporting autocrats and despot, the likes of Pinochet, Carlos, the Shah, the Saudi Royal Family and General Mobuto; of Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, respectively. CIA agents had been involved in assassinating intellectuals and opponents of US foreign policy.

After September 11, the war on terror was translated into a war on Islam and Muslims. Kidnapping and torturing of Muslims were practiced on a very large scale. Most of the economic sanctions were imposed on Muslim countries. Three Muslim countries, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were destroyed and their governments were toppled. Syria is on its way to qualify as a failed state. The US drones continue to Kill Muslims. Not to mention the way passengers with Muslim names are treated as criminals at the US borders. The US anti Arab and anti Muslim practices are clearly demonstrated in the refusal of the US to accept Palestine as a member of the UN and for supporting the Israeli crimes in Gaza. Thanks to Wikileaks.com, a large number of US conspiracies and atrocities were exposed. If Hilary Clinton is oblivious to these facts, one must feel sorry for the hapless people living in the Bible Belt of America.

Adnan Darwash

Iraq Occupation Times

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