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Guest alex

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You guys have to try some of these drinks.

XS Energy provide you with a low-carb, sugar-free blast of energy. This XS Energy Drinks contain B vitamins to deliver a rocket-powered lift any time of day. Plus, it contains no sugar, no carbohydrates, and each flavor contains as few as 8 calories.

Choose from a variety of flavor packed XS Energy Drinks, including Cherry Blast, Citrus Blast, Cranberry-Grape, Electric Lemon Blast, Tea-Berry Blast, Tropical Blast and Caffeine Free Tropical Blast. Make XS Energy Drinks your choice for a mental and physical energy boost without empty calories and sugars. You lose fluids, energy and electrolytes. Quixtar XS Power Nutrition Sports Drinks are scientifically formulated to help rehydrate your body before, during and after exercise or drink them to keep focused and XS doesn't get you sugar high.


My favorite Tea-Berry Blast, mmm...tastes good.

I drink myself 4 to half a case a day.


they are on this site www.AG-DIRECT.net

password: guest


these are available online only.

Any other drinks out there?


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