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Love Squared - entire season online now!

Guest M1chae1

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Hey guys and gals. We just released our ten-part dramatic webseries entitled LOVE SQUARED.


We are super proud of this project, and would love your support with a view, a share, comments, anything.


I hope it's OK to post this here. I couldn't find a sub-forum that seemed appropriate.


Thank you so much in advance.


Link to show: http://www.youtube.c...esquaredseries/




A dramatic web series based on four lifelong friends. Two guys, two girls, and their struggle with the raw natural life-force known as love. Laughter, tears, joy, and heartache intertwine this story as it focuses on the human condition. Real life, so to speak. This series sets out to capture truthful moments that men and women can both relate too. Whether good or bad, these situations happen, and it's up to how these characters react, that can determine the rest of their lives.


Written and Directed by Aaron Massey. Executive Producer Jhennah Sinclaire. Cinematography by Eric Latek


Starring: Jhennah Sinclaire, Justin Zoeckler, Jessica Sonneborn, and Michael Reed

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hahah. Thanks. Ya, we tried to hook people right from the start with this. This is actually one of the last scenes we shot, because we wanted all of us to be good friends and really know each other so it would show on screen.

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We are in discussion about the future of the show. We are going YT right now, and we'll see how much steam picks up. It will definitely go further than just YT, the question is where...Hulu? How will it do in the Streamies? Etc...


Not sure, but I feel very strongly about he presentation of the show, and I believe it has legs. We don't have the money for real marketing and promotion at the moment, but there are a few real connections keeping an eye on it. If anything, it will be a vehicle for the talent (cast and crew) to grow from here--whether that be a continuation in season two, or the next project which may have a larger audience from the start.


Thanks for the comments.

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