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The Colony Of Puerto Rico

Guest ricardocerromar

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Guest ricardocerromar

There is a strong rumor going on, that the government of Puerto Rico is going to hand over the colony to Congress so that they can deal with it, because the way it is today it is becoming ungovernable. The U.S. has used Puerto Rico as a strategic point in the Caribbean since 1898 when they invaded it to defend the Homeland from any attacks from the south, namely Latin America and for no other purpose. The Congress will have to deal with the colony on its own. The government is claiming that the upcoming plebiscite is unfair, because it includes the colony as an option and that that would be like if the President celebrated a referendum where African Americans had two options to choose from: 1) Do you want to keep being free? or 2) Go back to slavery? That is indignant and should not be allowed. The colony cannot continue the way it is: Unemployment is 20 %; High poverty level. Their Tax rate is 38 %. It is up to Congress to take action on the Puerto Rican status issue, because the U.S. invaded Puerto Rico, and not vice versa. Puerto Rico as is, is a time bomb waiting to go off, for both the U.S. and for 3.7 Million American Citizens living on the island whom cannot vote for their Commander in Chief.

Ricardo Marrero, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

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Something should be done in this matter , but as you say is part of the united states of america to decide the future of Puerto Rico , is also part of the residents of puerto rico to take the iniciative to make a progress in their homeland. The Violence and the drug lords had been taking down the country also their music makes the young minds of many to experience sexual behavior at crucial steps of their childhood , those things combine with the poor scense of progress affects the productivity. Much of their income goes back to the U.S.A. Lets just say is not about who will take control of Puerto rico is about when they will decide to take control of their own situation.

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