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Summer Acupuncture Special: FREE treatments this Monday July 30th 2012!

Guest CityAcupunctureCircle

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Guest CityAcupunctureCircle


City Acupuncture Circle, a recently launched community acupuncture clinic in Dupont Circle is offering courtesy (FREE) acupuncture treatments to the DC community -
this Monday July 30th
- from 8am to 6pm as one of its summer specials.


City Acupuncture Circle is a member of POCA -
The People's Organization of Community Acupuncture
- an organization devoted to bringing acupuncture to members of the community whom otherwise may not be able to afford the necessary number or frequency of sessions needed to heal, given the costly prices of "boutique acupuncture" that typically range from $70 to $150 per treatment.


All POCA clinics offer affordable acupuncture in an open consult room, and work with a sliding scale. At City Acupuncture Circle, you pay what you can between $20-$50 per treatment, no questions asked.


At our community acupuncture clinic, you will receive individualized care with complete respect for the privacy of your personal history. Each person comes at an appointed time, consults privately with their acupuncturist, and then receives treatment. If you've ever been curious about how acupuncture may work for you, this is a great opportunity to find out!


Visit www.cityacupuncturecircle to schedule your free acupuncture visit.


Looking forward to meeting you,


City Acupuncture Circle

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