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Demographic Information--georgetown

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Demographic Information

Washington Area Statistics


5th largest metropolitan population in the U.S.


Highest average family income and education attainment of any MSA in the U.S.


Median household income - $56,000, second in the U.S. behind San Jose, CA.


Highest number of millionaires per capita in the U.S.


Highest number of executive/professional occupations in the U.S. - 40%.


Rated in the top five metro areas to live in and #1 place to start a career in U.S.


Home to 169 embassies and headquarters to 171 foreign-owned businesses.


Among the top five international and domestic travel markets with 3 major airports.


World's highest number of connections to the Internet per capita


One of largest concentrations of tech firms in the U.S. with over 12,000 firms.


Georgetown Statistics


Residential Population Trade Area* 1 mile 3 Mile

1999 Estimated Population 6,407 26,218 243,112

1999 Estimated Average Household Income $143,524 $98,715 $76,992

Average Age 42.42 38.99 38.05

Number of Households 3,346 13,512 116,376

Median Property Value $500,000 $435,345 $277,789

1999 Home Sales over $1 Million 20 30 78


Daytime Office Population


Approximately 13,325 daytime office workers in over 60 buildings in Georgetown

Approximately 27,050 daytime office workers across Key Bridge in Rosslyn

Student Population


Approximately 31,500 students nearby at Georgetown University and George Washington University

Hotel Population


1,300 hotel rooms in 7 hotels in Georgetown

2,300 hotel rooms in 7 hotels across Key Bridge in Rosslyn

2,100 hotel rooms in 8 hotels in nearby West End

Tourist Population


17 million tourists visit Georgetown annually

Retail Stores


Over 350 storefronts on Wisconsin Avenue and M Street

Georgetown Park Mall with over 262,000 s.f. of retail space and 575 parking spaces

13-screen, 2,800-seat Loews Cinema complex with another 600 parking spaces under construction

*Trade Area (within walking distance) is defined as 27th to 37th Streets and K to S Streets.




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