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Why US graduates, Like Dr Morsi, are usually anti US foreign policy?

Guest Adnan Darwash

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Guest Adnan Darwash

After meeting President Kwame Nkruma of Ghana In 1961, late President J.F. Kennedy issued an order to the relevant governmental departments and to foreign aid agencies asking them to setting up programs helping and paying attention to the large number of foreign students in the country. He said that the current practices of neglecting and mistreating these students are working against us as the worst anti-American leaders of Latin America, Asia and Africa are graduates of US universities. In support of Kennedy’s observation, President Kwame Nkruma was awarded Lenin Prize for peace by the Soviet Union in 1963 or during the height of the cold war, despite being an American graduate. While in the US Mr Nkruma was on the FBI watch list while working as a shoe-shine boy to support his studies and to experience US inhumane treatments of its black citizens.

Similarly, one can safely assume that Dr Morsi was on the FBI watch list while studying and later on teaching in the USA, that is some 60 years after President Kennedy’s recommendation to treat with respect foreign students.

One must mention here that there is a difference between being anti-America and Anti-American. It can may be said with a certain degree of confidence that the majority of US graduates remember with gratitude the generosity of the American people and appreciate the quality of the highly-esteemed US educational institutes, while not necessarily supporting US foreign policy. The Americans should not expect honest and highly-educated people like Dr Mohammed Morsi to promote US government policy of double standards and selective morality in support of Arab dictators and in embracing Israeli atrocities and violations of UN Security council resolutions.

The US government had to choose between being a party to all Israeli crimes, and in the process, antagonise 350 million Arabs and over one billion Muslims or revert to international legality. President Obama would like President Morsi to be a peace president, but Obama must also know that Arabs are after a just peace and not the one dictated by the Nazi-style practices of the current Zionist entity in Tel Aviv.

Instead of having a friendly government in Egypt run by a US graduate, the Americans have to re-calculate and re-draw their plans for the Middle East starting with firing Obama Zionist advisors that led the US to the Quagmire of Iraq and to embracing Israeli policies on Iran which; had angered an entire generation.

Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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