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Everyone will miscalculate Post "Mission Accomplished"

Guest Adnan Darwash

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Guest Adnan Darwash

According to the Zionist Guru, Dr Henry Kissinger, only a deaf person is unable to hear the drums of war in the Middle East. The USraeli war mongers have been implementing the “Triple-Post Offense” against the new "Axis of Evil" represented by Iran, Syria and Lebanon. The use of the media, the diplomatic and economic pressure coupled with covert and/or overt military intervention to topple respective regimes. But impartial observers can't help but notice the disastrous outcomes of the past military interventions in Libya and Iraq and predict dire consequences for everyone if the USraelis ever to succeed in toppling the regimes of Syria and Iran or in attacking Hezbullah. In post-Saddam Iraq, the pro-Iranian and anti- American Shiats are in power while post-Gheddafi Libya is practically in the hands of armed Islamists, some of which, cooperate openly with Al-Qaeda in the Arab Maghreb. The toppling of the minority Alawaites regime of Dr Al-Assad, will most prabably trigger a civil war supported by Saudi Arabia and Turkey on one side and Iran, Iraq and Hezbullah on the other. Further escalation of the conflict is apt to involve Russia and America. So missiles, including nuclear war heads, are expected to fly in every direction which will damage those directly involved and those on the fringes like Israel, Saudi Arabia and the massive Western interests.The Missions in the Middle East may be Accomplished while the ground will most probably be controlled by bearded anti-USraeli Jihadists, in other words, back to square one. It is like in Afghanistan, as after 11 years of wars, killing and destruction the Americans want to negotiate with the Taliban.


Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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