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National Symbols In The Streets Of Washington, D.C.

Guest Hardaker

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Guest Hardaker

Washington DeCoded: A New View Over the Capitol is a ride through the streets of the Capital City. National symbols from the Great Seal of the United States were embedded into the 1792 design for Washington, D.C. Included among a surprising number of geometric features, you will discover the following hiding in plain sight:


· A 13 city-block long Pyramid sitting in the middle of the National Mall, stretching from the White House to the Capitol

· The ‘Eye of the God of Reason’ is the Capitol’s Western Terrace, the stage of the Presidential Inauguration since Ronald Reagan

· The six-pointed star above the Eagle’s head is east of the Capitol

· A Freemasonic square and compass symbol enveloping the Capitol.


Using the strict rules of Sacred Geometry, Hardaker unlocks a hidden dimension of the city’s design, introducing the reader to an unsolved national mystery.


Who embedded the Great Seal of the United States into the streets and avenues of Washington, D.C?


The Great Seal’s symbols were laid out along the east-west axis of the city. They are in the modern city. Some have been enhanced, others possibly added. The Star north of the White House held its own secrets. The ‘street symbols’ are scientific facts—mathematically accurate features within a degree of perfection. This approach to city design is simply unprecedented.


WHO inserted these national symbols into the original design for Washington, D.C? President George Washington? Thomas Jefferson? Alexander Hamilton? Andrew Ellicott, the President’s surveyor? It was certainly not Major Pierre L’Enfant, who originally mapped out the design in 1791. When he first looks upon the Planning Commission’s revision of his design, this is what he writes to President Washington.


“[The plan is] now in a state in which it is most unmercifully spoiled and altered from the original plan to a degree indeed evidently tending to disgrace me and ridicule the very undertaking.”


This “unmercifully spoiled and altered” revision became Washington, D.C. L’Enfant’s role was not known until the 1880s. His name had been removed from the 1792 document and credit was given to Andrew Ellicott. Why? And does the answer to that question lead to the much larger and incredible question: Who inserted national symbols from the Great Seal of the United States into the central core of Washington, D.C?


With over 70 pages of illustrations, Washington DeCoded: A New View Over the Capitol offers an unforgettable tour of Washington, D.C, and introduces a new national mystery of grand proportions: Who really designed the National City, and what is the design’s true creative dimension? Download free summary chapters exclusively from Washington DeCoded.net.

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