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Check out Train’s newest album ‘California 37’!

Guest jfshayron

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Guest jfshayron

Check out Train’s newest album ‘California 37’! So excited! Train has a new album 'California 37'! It’s a great album to play with or without kids! Enjoy their new hits and see them live during their 2012 tour!


Train is so amazing and is continuously making hits that my whole family loves to listen to on the radio. Their newest smash “Drive By” is so catchy; my kids are singing it around the house. Train has been making hits since 1998 with “Meet Virginia” from their debut album. Their 2nd album and hit “Drops of Jupiter” skyrocketed the bands popularity. And their last release “Save Me, San Francisco” produced 3 hits “Hey, Soul Sister”, “If It’s Love” and “Marry Me.”

Pat Monahan’s voice is truly amazing.


Check out their awesome site http://trainline.com to view their tour dates and click here to buy the album on amazon.com http://www.amazon.co...34676539&sr=8-1 or click here to buy it on iTunes http://itunes.apple....-37/id514598046.


You can like Train on Facebook, just click here: http://www.facebook.com/Train.


I am so glad that Train has a new album out and I want to pass along this info to all of the other moms out there!!!

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