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Guest Jennifer C

Dealfind sells deals with disreputable company

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Guest Jennifer C

I purchased a voucher from Dealfind for colon cleansing services at Silver Spring Hair Scalp and Body Wellness Clinic. I went to redeem the voucher and I received a 30 min session inside an infrared sauna. I did not receive any services related to my colon. Apparently the spa owner claims that the sauna will clean your colon. I don't think that's true at all. The sauna makes you sweat and sweating forces toxins out of your skin. The sauna does not target your colon. I therefore find the deal and claims of the spa misleading. It is basically a scam.

I complained to Dealfind and they wont refund because I had used the vouchers. So basically you have to make sure you're buying from a reputable company before you buy the voucher. Because if you buy it and then find out that the company gave you a bad deal you have no recourse.

I want to warn people to be careful with Dealfind and Silver Spring hair scalp and body wellness clinic. I recommend staying away from both.

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