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Held by Police 'Cause Walmart Said So


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This happened to me on Saturday past. I went to my local Walmart by myself, to do some shopping, finished, and returned to my car, where I was met by a policeman, who asked me 'where my daughter was'?. I told him I have no daughter and no grandaughter either,which is true, and said, I thought he had me confused with someone else. He said "no", that a "Walmart loss prevention employee saw me, and a young woman, (presumably my "daughter"), pull into a parking space, hit the next parked car, then pull out, and then park in a parking space, several spaces away.I told him no way this happened. He pointed to a mark on my 10 year old car, that he said was proof, and then proceeded to show me on the car that I supposedly hit, all the damage I had caused. Even to my 63 year old eyes, the marks on the two cars weren't remotely in the areas where they would have come in contact. he then told me he would review the tape from the Walmart cameras, and for me "not to go anywhere", and took my license.After 40 minutes in the sun,meanwhile I was afraid to get in the car for fear, someone might think I was escaping, and my frozen food melting, the policeman returned and told me I was free to go, that the video showed nothing I did wrong and there was no case. How is it possible that I'm accused one minute and then, oops, beat it. Of course, I went into the store and asked for the Loss Prevention Mgr., who said I couldn't see the tape or know who accused me. I was only given an apology when I insisted on one.This is how Walmart has treated a loyal customer who has shopped there 2-3 times a week, has her prescriptions filled there,and gets her glasses and contacts there. How is it possible for a Walmart employee to accuse a customer of a crime, (hit and run),on false information, have them held by the police on that false information, inconvenience and upset them, and then, poof, all gone, you can run along now. What if I had had a job to go to, and lost it because I was so late? I know Walmart pretty much runs Port Richey. The policeman's attitude, until viewing the tape, was strictly biased towards Walmart. But, if it's going to run it, at least run it well. Don't hire employees who make up stories, and then involve the police.You'll only know the feeling of helplessness and frustration that I felt when this happened to me, when it happens to you. In the future, I'll be giving Walmart as little business as possible. Just like they evidently don't need me, I won't be needing them.

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