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Guest Tesfamariam Baraki

Assefa Hailu Baraki, a 22-year-old student, has been suffering from dual kidney failure and has been on hemodialysis since October of 2010 at Saint Yared General Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with the money collected in the United States from some generous and compassionate people. He has been receiving kidney dialysis at least twice a week and paying 1,500 ETB for one session.


Assefa and his entire family are appealing to all Irob natives at home and abroad as well as to all compatriot Ethiopians anywhere in the world and to all other peoples of goodwill around the globe seeking for financial aid to save his life that is now dependent upon the medical-care and treatments for the rest of his life.


Assefa is anxiously waiting for a kidney transplantation to take place hopefully in the United States of America as a probono service. If everything goes well with the approval process, his younger brother is determined to donate one of his kidneys to help him live, God willing! But kidney transplantation is not a cure but it is gaining of better quality of life to live longer and healthier. He also has some other health complications that can easily complicate his health and life.


If he is lucky enough to have the kidney transplant as a probono service in the United States, Assefa will still need a life-time immunorepressant drugs to prevent rejection of his body to the foreign kidney transplanted. The anti-rejection medications or immunorepressant drugs are extremely expensive for his family to afford. The anti-rejection medicines are estimated to cost in the United States from $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 US Dollars per month, which is between $36,000.00 and $48,000.00 US Dollars per year.


In order the probono service for his kidney transplantation to take place, his family has to be able to afford and secure the financial resource to immediately provide him with the immunorepressant drugs or the anti-rejection medications after the kidney transplantation takes place and then for the rest of his life.


Without any health insurance coverage and/or any governmental medical-care system that never exists in Ethiopia, members of Assefa's family will never be able to afford to purchasing those extremely expensive anti-rejection drugs that are not even available in Ethiopia. Therefore, Assefa and his whole family are appealing to all those who visit this Forum to help them save his life with their compassionate life-saving monetary gifts.


To help or learn more, please visit the following sites:








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