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Farewell To Nathan Heathman


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Suddenly, in his sleep, our beloved and revered Nathan Heathman died in the early

morning hours of Monday, October 11, 2004 at his home in Washington, DC. Our

Company staff, affiliate artist and friends are in shock and disbelief that Nathan has gone from our circle. We send our deepest condolence and support to his mother, brother and other relatives, and especially to his childhood sweetheart and wife of 27 years,

Ora Sneed Heathman, who was at his side when he died.


Nathan Heathman and Van McCoy Music, Inc. had a wonderful 10 year relationship. He came in 1994 with Jean Carne who produced a CD of Van’s music for us, Carne Sings McCoy.” Nathan sang a duet with Jean on the set. Jean became our Artist-in-Residence and her Music Director, Nathan, became our Music Director and consultant. We were privileged to learn much about Van’s music through Nathan’s vast musical knowledge and talent.


He was our natural choice for Music Director of our “Van McCoy 25 Year Legacy Concert” held on Saturday, July 31st at Theodore Roosevelt High School Auditorium in Washington, DC. The show, with Jean Carne, Herb Fame, Melba Moore, Evangelist Dorothy Norwood and other singers, was a great event with Nathan at his best, directing, playing keyboard and singing. He added musicians to his “Moments Notice” band and the Van McCoy Legacy Band was born. Nathan was looking forward to further developing the show and taking it on the road.


We will join with his family, friends and colleagues in the music world to say farewell to Nathan, a Washington, DC musical giant, on Sunday, October 17, 2004. Services will be held at Bell Funeral Home, 6503 Old Branch Ave., Temple Hills, MD with viewing at

12 pm, funeral at 1 pm, and a memorial fellowship at nearby About Time Café, 5122 Allentown Way. Minister Thomas Vest will officiate the service and, with Mrs. Carol Vest, host the fellowship. We encourage all who knew Nathan to join us in supporting the

Nathan Heathman Memorial Fund, P.O.Box 57379, Washington, DC 20037.

Words cannot express the profound sense of loss and sadness we feel in saying farewell to Nathan Heathman. www.nathanheathman.com


Mattie Taylor, President & CEO, & Staff

Jean Carne, Artist-in-Reidence

Van McCoy Music, Inc. 7801 Old Branch Ave., #304, Clinton, MD 20035

(301)856-4099 or (301)856-3111 vivamccoy@aol.com www.vanmccoymusic.com

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