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Anyone ever learn Hebrew from Israeli TV?

Guest Samuel Bachman

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Guest Samuel Bachman

Hey everyone, I found this forum recently and thought it would be a good place to ask a question: Has anyone tried out The Israeli Network, which is a cable/satellite package that shows Israeli TV throughout the world? I'm thinking of buying it, but I'd be curious to get any feedback first... it's something like $20 or more a month!


I think they have a large number of subscribers, so if anyone here has used it, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts:


1. Are the Israeli shows broadcasted any good?

2. Is the signal and transmission quality good?

3. Is it worth the money?

4. I heard that they translate everything with English subtitles -- do people find it's a good way to help learn Hebrew?

5. Is there good religious content? Of course, they show secular, entertainment programming (with women who are not tziunit), but they also have a few shows like "Welcoming the Shabbat." Do you consider it OK to watch?


I live in Jerusalem, but I'm asking more for my friends and family outside of Israel -- they hear about the shows I sometimes see, and they are interested in seeing them too. Any thoughts on this service would be appreciated! I don't know anyone in America or Europe who uses The Israeli Network, so I thought people here might... Thanks for any insights!



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