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Guest BloggerGuy

From bail outs of banks to the way vets are being treated or should I say not treated please read whole blog.

See if you don’t have the same questions.

First lady tackling medical treatment for vets

The initiative is part of the first lady's Joining Forces campaign, which focuses on issues affecting veterans and their families.

“Well this after more than 10 years and their just now joining forces to act on what they already knew the Government caused. “


Mrs. Obama was to announce the commitment from more than 100 medical schools during an appearance Wednesday at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

The schools are agreeing to step up training for medical students in how to treat PTSD and traumatic brain injury, increase research into the conditions and share new information and best practices.

“I take it would be beyond offering pain killer of choice up to & including Oxy condone “

Aides said Mrs. Obama will emphasize that while most troops come home from combat with few or no mental health issues, those who do should not see it as a source of shame or weakness.


Let me make things very very clear & to the point I’m among the number of Gulf war vets effected and the only shame we feel or weakness is the way our own government has treated us.

An earlier report by the Rand Corp. think tank estimated that 300,000 veterans of both conflicts suffered post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression.


Fewer than half had sought treatment for PTSD over the preceding year and nearly 60 percent of those reporting a probable brain injury weren't evaluated by a physician for one.


Well maybe we should look closer into the reason for this maybe the shape the VA. was in upon our return to the red tape .


Lets see I’ve been waiting over 6 months for appointment every time you move they put you through the same new comers briefings even if you have VA card.


Read more here




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Guest Jimmy O.

Ron Paul is endorsed by Michael Schuerer, former CIA Bin Laden unit chief, with 22 years CIA experience in the Middle East. I would certainly trust Mr. Schuerer's judgement over the media pundits and RINO dirty ad campaigns. Also, Ron Paul receives more campaign contributions from military than all the other candidates combined.

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