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Romney for someone that has grounded his whole campaign on the claim that he understands how to create jobs and spur investment.


He seems more in line with “looting” companies’ economic “vultures,” Taking advantage of an "uneven playing field" by using the cash of rich investors to take over failing firms, strip them down and fire workers during his time at the private equity firm.


He’s stated in the real world companies fail which is true unless you look at he took no hard line against bailing out the banks which where to big to fail & after being bailed out would not loan money out to small business’s.


So I don’t see how he’s saying he’s a job creator but using his business expertise aka corporate savvy not to turnaround a business’s he & friends made money hand over fist while working families lost their grip on the middle-class lifestyle they earned.


Spurring investments are not closing more than 1,000 industrial plants, stores and offices, cutting employee wages and benefits and pensions and outsourcing American jobs to other countries while making hundreds of millions of dollars.


Not reinvesting in them expanding once being more efficient hence the term growing.

Not out sourcing jobs over seas.


To press further so the comment made by Santorum “"I-am-who-I-am" applies to Romney too.

Though in Santorum’s case with his latest verbal miscue which surfaced in video of him discussing Medicaid and food stamps.


He appears to say: "I don't want to make black people's lives better by giving them somebody else's money. I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money."



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