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Reign of Abomination

Guest Nabi

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After the death of Bukhtnasr (Nebuchanazer), Neebushanezaar ascended the throne. The new king saw a dream which perplexed him. All the astrologers, fortune-tellers and sorcerers of the land failed to present a comforting and reasonable interpretation. The perplexity and concern of the king increased immensely. Someone then informed the king of a very pious wiseman among Bani Israaeel, namely, Daanyaal. The king sent for Hadhrat Daanyaal (alayhis salaam).


When Hadhrat Daanyaal (alayhis salaam) arrived, the king said: I have heard the spirit of divinity is in you and that you are a man of perfect wisdom. The wisemen and astrologers have failed to interpret my dream. I have heard that you are able to interpret intricate dreams and solve such problems. If you are able to interpret my dream, you will be garbed with regal attire. You will be garlanded with a golden chain, and you will be the third highest officer in the empire.


Hadhrat Daanyaal (alayhis salaam) responded: Retain your prizes by you. Present your awards to someone else. I shall explain this dream to you.


After the king explained his dream, Hadhrat Daanyaal (alayhis salaam) presented the interpretation which related to the rise and fall of empires. The specific one of interest to us at this juncture relates to the rise of an evil regime thousands of years after Hadhrat Daanyaal (alayhis salaam). He described that future regime as the 'Reign of Abomination‘ (a hated reign of terror), and the 'Kingdom of Sin‘. The establishment of this Reign of Abomination would initiate the process of the end of the world. It will open the era of total immorality and sin. At that juncture in time will appear two great, holy personalities and two great evil anarchists.


Armies will be despatched from the north. The sacred fortress will be defiled and the daily acts of sacrifices will be prohibited. Then the Reign of Abomination will be established. Continuing his explanation, Hadhrat Daanyaal (alayhis salaam) said: heard two sacred Voices speaking. First Voice: ―When will this event of the sacred abode being trampled and defiled under the feet (of these oppressors) occur? The second Voice answered: "Two thousand and three hundred days. Thereafter this holy place will be purified."


Even Nabi Daanyaal (alayhis salaam) did not fully understand the mystery in what he had interpreted, hence he supplicated to Allah Ta‘ala to unravel the conundrum. According to the Tauraah, Allah Ta‘ala informed him: "O Daanyaal, concern yourself with your mission. A lock has been placed on the words and the matter has been decreed. The mystery will be solved at the appointed time."

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