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Scientist Clone to Wooly Mammoth

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Scholars are one step closer to dream of a wooly mammoth revival. Working on mammoth cloning question of scholars led by Professor Akira Iritani of Kinki generation Japanese paleontologists and museum in Yakutsk, the capital of the Siberian republic of Sakha.


Experts in Sakha this year found a mammoth femur. Within the femoral bone marrow was found well preserved. It is possible to obtain a cell nucleus that will be transplanted into other egg cells from the marrow of this animal.


Mammoth Museum in Yakutsk, is working with scholars in Japan since 1997. They are looking for genetic material to produce a clone of the mammoth. Initially tried to find a frozen egg from Mammoth, it is unrealistic that no revealed. Then I tried to get the DNA from the tissue cells as Dolly the cloned sheep, DNA damage was always in Mammoth. Guriroriefu mammoth museum curator has said the following.


"We have this year succeeded in finding the femur of a young mammoth with marrow well preserved. Scholars in Japan, were waiting for just this opportunity. They needed a cell nucleus with intact DNA in the bone marrow. But I think that there is potential, but we must work jointly to achieve our dreams. What seemed impossible 15 years ago has now become a reality. Japanese researchers, for example: the cells of mice frozen for 16 years produced a clone. However, the mammoths has been permanently frozen 10,000 years. Mammoth and rats were frozen in different environments. that and we need therefore biological material, could not be saved. But even we could not get anything I Suppose it would give a lot of things in modern science. "


For example, it is whether you can become a surrogate mother for another mammoth animals? And will help to answer the question of. Scholars believe that the resurrection of the Mammoth in exactly this way. Injected into an elephant egg cell taken from bone marrow cell nuclei. Experimental results How? Elephant are mammoth "relatives" but, the results show different views, is currently difficult to predict.


Mammoth is back on earth to be destination is still said, "How to do a mammoth back from the Past" is worthwhile to raise a question. Grigoriev is President, but the first few years, but lives in Mammoth laboratory environment, the time has come when the free throw Mammoth represents the opinion will be a habitat for the Republic of Sakha, the following says that like.


"Sakha Republic is the only region in the world they can find a vast land suitable for habitat for mammoths. Temperature and climate is suitable for the mammoth. Sakha Republic of the current climate, the Pleistocene era are very similar to the climate. The Sakha Republic, there are steps that remain from ancient times. They are called the Mammoth-step. can produce territory given as grazing land for the mammoth so. "


For the proposed change to lush tundra meadows of the Sakha Republic, had been told in the past. Not only talk, however, efforts have been made already. Russian scholar Jimofu over 10 years, which makes the land of Pleistocene Park Sakha Republic. The Pleistocene Park Dr. Jimofu the wild horses, reindeer, moose, musk ox and has been born. Between them, changing environmental systems function essentially living tundra has gradually changed into grassland. The next Ice Age bison, yak, deer appeared, and mammoths might be revived.

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