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Stop another bailout of the European banks

Guest Bill

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H.R. 2313 will prohibit the Administration from using YOUR tax money to bail out the failing European banks. And it will require the U.S. get back the bailout money we've already promised the Europeans.


Please forward this urgent post to everyone you know who opposes bailing out the socialists in Europe.


According to the Bloomberg new service, Barack Obama just declared that the American people are "Ready to do our part" to bail out Europe.


And you and I know what that means:

Billions of dollars of your tax money are going to prop up the socialist economies of Italy, Greece and Spain!


You see, Obama and his cronies in Washington bailed out the Europeans once before, and they think they can get away with doing it again.


In 2008 President Obama and Congress sent billion to bail out the Europeans. And now that the Europe's socialist states are facing and even greater economic crisis, they are preparing to fund more and bigger bailouts of our European "allies."


U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rogers is heading up opposition to this latest bailout in Congress by proposing H.R. 2313.

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